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solving problems in C program
Hi guys, It must be weird to see me post in this section of the forum but anyways, I have studied both c program and c++ in my second and third semester respectively. I'm having campus placements now and most of the companies need people with strong problem solving capability. So, I'm wondering if there is a website you personally have used for learning C for example: Find out whether the string having the following characters '[',']','{','}','(',')' is balanced or not {[]()} etc, etc. I am looking for a website that gives me problem statements and also the solution. I might google and get some but I'm hoping the lot of you have personally tried out some. So yeah I'm waiting for your reply!
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I'm not a computer science student, but I've done lots of programming in my free time. Every problem is different, and the solutions can change from person to person (but rarely from language to language). The bracket balance problem I've encountered before and did it by having a
variable, for every type of bracket, which increments every time it reaches an opening bracket, and decrements when it reaches a closing bracket. When the neutralizer variable is 0, you know you're not inside any bracket pair. When it's n > 0, you know you're inside n nested bracketed expressions. n < 0 means there was n extra closing brackets, so you should probably throw an error.

Project Euler has very good programming puzzles.

Good luck!
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Write a binary search function for integers.
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or whatever edition. it talks about math,graphs,combinatorics,algorithms,programming etc. it is great for improving logic and solving skills.

I think another book "let us C" has also good problems.

are 2 websites with a lot of program examples too, that you might want to check.
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Rosetta Code, Coderbyte, Project Euler, and CodeChef are few of what I know. These are sites full of programming tasks/challenges with varying difficulty.

There is also a huge list of similar websites gathered here:
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Might also want to shove your face into theoretical comp sci to get a small understanding of what can be done, should be done, must be done, or cannot be done.

Especially, if you're being asked if you can construct X and you already know that your solution will not be quicker than O(Y) and therefore won't actually be practicable anyways :p
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