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Rewlf2 (Leviaiz)'s sprites
This post is a dump of my humble creations on sprites, they will revolve mainly on sprite swaps on original characters.

Darth Deep (Click to View)
Black outfit Bat (Click to View)
Killis (Dennis sprite override with Kill Bill theme) (Click to View)
LFO style soul bomb and purple explosion for LF2 (Click to View)
Retro Woody (Click to View)
Henry with Dennis skin (Click to View)
Thanks given by: STM1993
I like the big skull!

The rest appears to be just recolors, right?
[Image: random.php?pic=random]
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Thanks given by:
All the others except Darth deep are recolors, Darth deep has a laser sword so some of his sword sprites are changed to suit the case.
Thanks given by: Dinothundah
Great sprites Rewlf2
Thanks given by: Dinothundah

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