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Character: Nino (Levi version)
Nino is one of the characters in the abandoned project LF2 extended.

I found out Nino is in good sprite condition. I am not good at fine spriting but proficient in data changing and makeshift stuff, so I did a quick patch on the data and missing sprite links of Nino and publish him here as a balanced hero character.

This version of Nino is based on the last version published in the LF2 extended forum,
with five moves: Strafe, Flip attack, Energy Blast, Slide kick and Big blast.

Since the data was not complete with bad combo chaining and Big Blast being hard to use (D>AD very quickly), I did a review on his combos, nerfed his damage for more versatility and fixed hid graphic and weapon positions. The result is a fast melee fighter who relies on short combos and antiflips to deal massive damage, but bears risk to use.

Move list (Click to View)

Slide kick
[Image: NK9GZTK.gif]

Sky slide kick
[Image: tn7SDvH.gif]

[Image: KjemxS4.gif]

Flip kick
[Image: GlIhuIQ.gif]

Energy blast
[Image: aSX06KW.gif]

Energy blast, Big blast
[Image: m8Ojx3m.gif]

Combo: Punch, Grab punch, Strafe, Flip kick, Sky slide kick
[Image: U56ejUb.gif]

Combo: Flip kick, Aerial Strike, Aerial Strike, Flip Kick
[Image: LdYTvln.gif]

Video demonstration

The video refers to an older first version of Nino
Watch on Youtube


Version: 5 July 2020


Credits to Arcane, Ariel and Memento for creating a such wonderful character,

and XFX (Memento) for the older character of Nino,
also Prince Freeza, Bashscrazy, Empirefantasy, Alex V.Sharp, Bamboori and Whaat for assisting to make the original Nino.

Thanks given by: MoragWan , Memento , FerZ
Update on 5 Jan 2018

Update list:

Decreased starting time of Energy blast by 2 frames (2/30 second)
Decreased MP cost of Energy blast from 125 to 100
Complete rework on weapon attack frames
Added new move: Sky slide kick
Weapon and character sprite position fixed

Sky slide kick
D>J, 150MP (30%)
50 damage

D^A + D>J + >J/D: Flip kick can chain Sky slide kick,
and only if Sky slide kick is chained from Flip kick, Nino can dash or roll after using it

Note: Sky slide kick cannot be used when jumping
Thanks given by:
I tested the character and I think there is room for improvement. He isn't complete to me yet because it lacks in new quality sprites and animation improvements, compared to the latest version of LF2 extended's Nino. The data could use some work, mainly the ITR and specific character characteristics. Nino is a combo specialist, which doesn't really show in this version of Nino, yet.

XFX and Memento are one and the same person, by the way :) Me haha
Original character edits
LF2 Timelapse (open source mod)

Thanks given by: rewlf2 , Sevendogs
Yea right.This version of nino is not as versatile and flexible as the previous one.

Be sure to keep in mind that this character is a close combatant.where mixing combos and adding other moves makes him a great fighter.
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Will do.
I need to look at his older versions for which combos he may do and also to avoid him being another Woody though.
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(01-18-2018, 03:40 AM)rewlf2 Wrote:  Will do.
I need to look at his older versions for which combos he may do and also to avoid him being another Woody though.

Some combos of the old Nino:
run attack + A + DvA
AAA+super punch+D^J
Original character edits
LF2 Timelapse (open source mod)

Thanks given by:
Updated to 22 Jan 2018 version, update content:

Increased area of jump attack
Flip kick can now chain up to 2 times with key A
Slide kick can now chain attack dealing 40 damage with key A
Damage of Slide kick reduced from 45 to 40 decaying to 20
MP cost of Slide kick is increased from 150 to 200

Changed propel and speed of Slide kick
Landing on floor grants 3f (3/30) decrease of casting time for Slide kick

Energy blast now hits falling enemy and launches enemy
Thanks given by:
Update in 10 Jun 2020, update content:

Added Aerial Strike

Reduced duration of Slide kick by 4/30s
Increased damage of Sky slide kick from 40+20 to 50+30
Flip kick can no longer chain into itself
Changed finishing blow against stunned character
Flip kick can no longer be used when rolling
Fixed position and reduced movement of Strafe

Changed graphic of dash attack
Thanks given by: Dinothundah
thank you! May i ask something? > What is Levi version mean?
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downloadLINK is invalid ,, ??
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