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RazenBrenday's Creation
Little Fighter 2 Content (Click to View)

[Image: V86yyaD.png]

Digital Content (Click to View)
Paper Work (Click to View)
My Game (Click to Download) (Click to View)
Thanks given by: STM1993 , MangaD , Arcane , NewToTheEra , koori , BizarreHare
Oh man, I can't wait for these lots of things to come soon! These are great. It is awesome to see how much work you have put in this. And one can slightly notice your skill progressing over time. Cool! I wish you good luck and keep on doing what you're doing (I you can!)

My favourite is probably the first concept art. I imagine you've used reference pictures for that one, but nevertheless it looks amazing to me.

By the way, you have a peculiar username. I mean the Mr. Detective Razen part. If you know what I mean ;)))
If you don't, the awesome person who created this website once went with MH-Razen as his username, if I remember correctly...
Thanks given by: RazenBrenday
look awesome men ...
Thanks given by: RazenBrenday
My Game (Click to Download) (Click to View)
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Flat Animate
Thanks given by: STM1993 , Luigi600 , BizarreHare , Memento
this looks good and promising but can be even better with some adjustments here and there imo.

1- i think the upper body movement is a bit exaggerated for just breathing.
2- the legs could be a bit bigger to go with the upper body, his crotch looks too small.
3- his right leg moves while his left leg doesn't. while i think its nice what you tried to do here maybe try a different movement for the legs like a slight bending at the knees to go with the breathing animation instead of the moving to the sides you did here.

4- i like how the bangs on his forehead are animated, you could have done the same to the upper part of the hair as it looks stiff.

5- the upper body could use a slight turn to face the same direction hes looking at, right now i see its facing the screen which is a bit awkward.

6- maybe make his blink to a bit more life to the animation.

anyways like i said, it looks good and promising keep it up.
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Thanks given by: BizarreHare , RazenBrenday

Razen the Savant
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Thanks given by: Memento
(08-06-2020, 07:19 AM)RazenBrenday Wrote:  

Amazing stuff. Can't wait for your Little Fighter Zero, I've seen some of your work. I hope you're still motivated. Keep it up :D
Original character edits
LF2 Timelapse (open source mod)

Thanks given by: RazenBrenday

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