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SAO mod
SAA was a LF2 and SAO crossover concept developed by Barbatoss. Sadly it has been abandoned over 6 years ago...
But before the creator has left theirs project to rot, they have created a very well made sprite sheet that as they said themselves could be used for a LF2 character. And thats where my story begins. I've been a fan of LF2 for over a decade and praise it for it's impact on my childhood. Just recently I've got to find out that after all these years there still exists a community for it. Few more searches made me realize that there was also a SAO spinoff concept. And as the weeb that I am, I couln't let this pass. So here I am using the sprite sheet given by Barbatoos to bring Kirito to the LF2 stage. I'm completley new to the modding scene so it's taking a while to do anything at all and I've just realised that there does indeed exist a way to make a animations consisting of more frames that the amount set on the template so I do indeed have a long way to go.
When I will get onto something I will try to update on my progress with both some info and the sprites and code itself.

Here is the original spreadsheet: https://www.deviantart.com/barbatoss/art...-363513728

BTW I am using Deep's spritesheet as a template cos why not, so I spent like 3 hours figuring out how to make attacks consist of more than 2 frames :D

First Update:
After a lot of pain I've made some more progress on the first sprite sheet and also created the entire punch animation, which i put into a gif, so here you go: https://imgur.com/a/HIzV8IH

Second Update:
I seem to have hit a first major roadblock. The sprites for the punch animation are too big and even after making a seperate bmp file for it with the fitting resolution prompts me with the accursed Couln't create art surface. I have no idea how am I supposed to deal with it other than cutting incredible amounts of the sprites size impacting their quality greatly. Thus I will share my current work with a request whether anyone could help me with it. Also ignore some of the names of the files, some are inside jokes, some just saying that even tho I'm fixing the sprites size, I name it after a certain part of males body :D.

Download link: https://mega.nz/#F!uZZVBQaL!kD6h5l6fdeSdlzZ75kXWEw
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