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Mod: New untitled LF2 Project (Working On: Davis) + D.D.LF2 Beta download
Self intro

For those people who don't know who I am.
Hello, my name is Freeze-Ex.
I am from the HK community, currently living in East coast US region.
My first time playing LF2 was little earlier than v.1.652 version.
v.1.71 was the first version I ever got hook into the game, I started downloading mods and skins. It was fun.
I started modding around v.1.9 and made D.D.LF (Different Dimension LF) and participate modding and spriting on Nanaya's TTS-LF.

Fast forward to 2020.
Man, it has been over 10 Years since I get back into LF2 and the forum.
Many things have happened during those years.
Now I am just an illustrator traveling around Anime Convention in the States selling my artwork and merch.
Hell, I still use Freeze-Ex as my artist name ffs. You can probably tell how much LF2 have influenced my life.
Life has been super busy for me and I am super grateful for it.
As life goes on, there is always this idea in the back of my mind.
"What if I actually take my time and finish my mod one day?"
Stm93 reminded me how my first mod (D.D.LF) was a complete mess after I played it again.
I have never laugh and cringed so hard at myself.
So I decide to go back to work on my sequel D.D.LF2 seeing what I can do with the artistic skill I have right now.

Interested in my artwork? Feel free to follow me in my social media!
DeviantArt Twitter Facebook Fan page

Modding Process

So since my modding skill is not even that good to begin with, I decide to remake Davis by spriting him and slowing get back use to DCing.

First Standing Sprite
[Image: 62ec1cbc0e.png]

I first sketch out a draft on the bottom left, roughly draft Davis with the same pose.
Then resize the proportion into a small size and turn it into pixel style.
I used River City Girl sprite as reference. I have always admire how the spriters only use minimal color palette.
It was a very smart move, because it makes the sprites very easy to animate and edit.
I modify the the head proportion from the original reference so that player can see the chracter face a little bit better.

After a month of work, I finish a good majority of movement.
The frame rate is slightly higher than the original LF2 style.
There are gonna be a lot of difference compare to the original.
It is not meant to be a perfect re-skin.
Here is how he looks like in gifs.

Other movements and special moves
[Image: c93f7d5a59.gif]
[Image: af14490efc.gif]
[Image: 09d8ed925f.gif]
[Image: 1b3b3013a8.gif]
[Image: cee813b769.gif]

The only major problem I have is Running sprite. Since it only take 3 frame of drawing to animate, it just looks odd compare to other movements. Hopefully it is fixable by Editing exe. If anyone is interested let me know. The other sprite I have to finish are catching,

Once I complete the basic character, I will mod this Davis into a more power-up version to fit faster pace gameplay for the up coming mod.

This is the main character of the project.
[Image: c00386928b.png]

On the right side, they are all the previous sprite of Freeze-Ex.
(D.DLF > D.D.LF2 > TTS-LF)
The character design is still in very early stage.
I will complete remake the design of other characters from my previous game.
Probably going to post some sketch and character sheet in the future.
Update will be post in reply.

D.D.LF2 Beta Download

[Image: 84ce499c15.png]

Screenshot (Click to View)
Since everything will be change in my future project. I will no longer be modding this version of LF2.
So I will publish this beta version for everyone to play.
Hopefully this can be a introduction how all the character will look like in the future project.
The new project is planning to have a faster pace in terms of gameplay.
Just don't think of this as a fully balance mod. It's very unfinished and my mod skill back in the day was pretty basic.
The first 1 stages (1-1,1-3) are the only stages that's modded. And they are mostly Chinese dialogues.

>>>Download Link<<<
Thanks given by: MangaD , MoragWan , STM1993 , plunderer , A-Man , Luigi600 , Jahvansi , firzen35 , FerZ
I love your artwork, Freeze-Ex! This is a very interesting idea to re-sprite the game. Love to see you back and kicking! Wish you the best of luck!
[Image: random.php?pic=random]
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Looking great. Btw, in the third gif, when Davis lay face down theres no getting up frame he just blinked back to standing frame, but theres a very nice getting up frame when he lay facing up.

Good luck to you, would love to help but my spriting skills are terrible.
Cannot wait to see Jan in this art style ^^

If all goes well, I'd also suggest to work with other released characters on this site, preferably female, cos the original game only had one.
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Yay, you posted! Beautiful.

The Davis reskin is really refreshing. What are your plans for the mod? Do you plan to reskin more characters?

(03-05-2020, 07:27 PM)freezeex Wrote:  This is the main character of the project.
[Image: c00386928b.png]
Assuming the leftmost is the one you're going with, I feel there's a mismatch in style if your goal is to match Davis's new look. To be more precise, I think the proportions of the character are different (limbs are thinner, stature is smaller).
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Hey freezeex,

welcome back, it's an honor to have such a prosfessional artist here!

I absolutely love what u have shown us so far.
I realy dig the style you are going with, simple clean and still detailed - I can't wait to see more!

Seeing all those amazing sprites gives me tingling fingers, maybe I should try spriting again as well :D
Thanks given by: The_Hari
This looks great!
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Good luck bro although i don't think you will be releasing the mod very soon.
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:thumbs up: 

I´m so excited and moved about your post, FreezeEX

AMAZING art-style. You have captured the heart of the character so perfectly, I find myself literally jumping up and down of enthusiasm )

You have captured the soul of the charachter so perfectly, I'm at loss for words!

[Image: af14490efc.gif]

hehe, let me explain my big words:

I have just come back to LF2 myself this week, (because of the quarantine) I hadn't played the game since perhaps 2005. I was never super active on the forums, but i read alot. And remember your work very clearly! I was even inspired to make my own sprites, Zombie Woody, because of you. It wasn't great, but it fun for me at least.

Recently i have been nostalgic about gaming in general (i have played very little the last 15 yrs), and that lead me back to LF2 and the forum. I have spent hours and hours, looking up my favorite old fan art and checking out favorite old sprites and mods.

I have even looked into game dev, and have been following game dev tutorials for Godot. My ambition is to make a simple game using a few of the LF2 sprites. (Time will tell if that ever happens, when the quarantine lifts)

So you see, this week I have been daydreaming about a redesign of LF2 and it's iconic characters. And then I find your post!

And you have done exactly what i think this game deserves: A re-spriting and modernizing, without loosing the soul of the original game.

Well - to end my long first-post on the forum: THANK YOU for your project. I will follow closely with enthusiasm! And give me input and feedback when given the chance. (I'm not an artist or a programmer, just a fan

All the best, and Happy Easter
Thanks given by: Jahvansi

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