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Hacker !!!!
Hey guys today I'm here with something new , something which I guess is like Hacking (maybe or maybe not) ...

So basically you can play with all the 10 hero characters at the same time with just only one charcter as he transforms into anyone of them ...

Still don't get it , watch this video to know more:-

Download Here:-

I have also included readme.txt in the rar file where you can know more ....

How to use -
1.You have to select a character
2.Input a specific command
3.Select the character in which you would like to transform (currently 10 main characters)
4.Press Attack and there you go ..

And I guess that's all ... give it a try
I guess you guys might like it !!!

(Sorry for my Bad English ... )
Have a Good Day !!!
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Thanks given by: memskey , Dinothundah
Love it! Reminds me of old school arcade game Mortal Kombat where you face shang tsung and he has ability of every character in the game. So it's the same type of stand as Rudolph ;)
Thanks given by:

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