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Version: [2.0a] Patched LF2 content

Much of the old content that has been made for the game, doesn't work without problems. To fix this, everybody has to go through the trouble of fixing these individual downloads... I for one don't like to go through all that trouble, just to add some stuff to my game. It would be much easier if everything would simply work.

What can we do?
- Put the files of (single) projects together with (debugged/working) 24-bmp sprites and proper Readme instructions
- Compress this debugged/updated fan-made content (characters, weapons etc) to a .zip file and share it here

Answers to questions like "how do I ..." can be found in other places of the forum. This topic is merely for sharing updated content, so that not everybody has to do it for themselves :)

Checklist for the files:
- There's a readme file that gives you all the information you need from installation to credits (where to place all the files, what lines to put in data.txt and who's created/worked on the content);
- All data files are in, everything in the data is working correctly;
- All sprite files are in, working correctly (without mirror / art surface problems);
- At the end of the readme, please include an LFE signature or simply refer to this forum with a link [; 
- After bundeling all the files, please try to install the character on a copy of the original LF2 v2.0a to test if everything works

It would be great if this could be a sticky topic, but that's up to the staff :) If a topic like this already exists, forgive ny mistake. Picasso

SWU-Rudolf (by SWU-LF2 team)
Broly (by Ciryus)
Original character edits
LF2 Timelapse (open source mod)

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Ciryus' Broly had several issues during the installation. I fixed these issues (changed a few names, added mirror sprites) and deleted the dirty pixels in the process (and reduced the amounts of colors used.. everything was so blurred ^^"). Eventually, you can use the original sprites if you prefer.

Original file:

EDIT: I have tried to unblur the sprites, but now I see that I actually ruined the quality of the sprites somewhere in the process. A bit late to find out about that :p

That said, installation of the file is still fixed in the file above, but the sprite quality will be temporarily so-so, until I fix this..

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Original character edits
LF2 Timelapse (open source mod)

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