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Character: Walter (Actual Version)
[Image: nHRRkTsy1uGfn8PQ6XRwqZ-JlVZbd50xaZTgSME5...authuser=0]

Everyone knows who Walter is: a water-elemental fighter from EC-LF2 created by Ricky Mok, and he is available as a download here on LFE under the EC-LF2 mod. However, this version is actually not the newest version. There is actually a newer version released back in 2005-2006 by Ricky Mok himself on the now defunct official LF2 forums. I didn't bother to release this as I didn't think much of it back then, but now that the official LF2 forums are defunct, I thought I should upload this actual newest version of Walter along with some data cleanup done by me.

Here are the changes made:
  • Walter_1.bmp has been updated with a new sprite frame at the end.
  • New sound effects: one added as an enhancement to D>A Water Cannon, and another for a special ability mentioned below.
  • D>A Water Cannon's MP cost has been reduced (from 70 to 40) and can now be shot continuously as originally intended by pressing A+A+A... after D>A (the A each costs 35 MP).
  • The command of Water Wave has been changed from D>J to DvA.
  • DvA Water Wave's MP cost is 90 MP as originally intended in the latest version and not 140 MP.
  • DvA Water Wave can now only be cast one at a time. That means no more +A after DvA. Just DvA.
  • Added a special ability that was intended for every EC-LF2 character. This special ability is where Walter can flinch an enemy with an energy wave after successfully defending the enemy's attack (press A after defending to do that).
  • Cleaned up some unused lines in the data.
  • Included the original readme in Chinese from 2004. He didn't update the readme when he released this newer version later in 2005/2006.

Move list:
With these additions, I hope you have more fun with the actual Walter, because I certainly did.

Coming very soon.


Ricky Mok for creating Walter.
Thanks given by: STM1993 , Memento , LutiChris

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