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[char] Jake (Adventure Time)
Jake (Adventure Time)
By LTWasabi
[Image: pHEKxZP.png]

My second new character. This one took me much longer than it should have, because I had to scrap some ideas midway and redo some sh*t again. But i'm satisfied with the end result.

A risky character to play as its highest damage move not only affects everyone, its targeting is random and you are a potential target too. It does have some moves which has invulnerability frames, but good timing is needed to utilize those. It also has a relatively low movement speed. But it makes up for that with the most powerful spell, a spell that goes "squeak squeak" and annoys the hell outta people.

♦ Laika (Sideways) [dFa] [MP: 120]
Rocket yourself forward, damaging enemies along the way.
Screenshot (Click to View)

♦ Laika (Upwards) [dUa] [MP: 120]
Rocket yourself upwards, damaging enemies mid-air.
Screenshot (Click to View)

♦And stay down! [dUa; mid-air] [MP: 45]
Grabs and flings an enemy down, where they belong.
Screenshot (Click to View)

♦Up, Up and Away! [dUa; during grab] [MP: 45]
Flings an enemy up, where they belon..waitaminute..
Screenshot (Click to View)

♦Swish-KaBoP [dDj] [MP: 230]
Twirls around, hitting enemies in a wide radius. The sword part has cut damage while the hammer part has higher knockback.
Screenshot (Click to View)

♦It's a bird, it's a plane, it's ☠ [dUj] [MP: 175]
Using BMO, calls in an airstrike. Airstrike can damage anyone. Has a very large targeting radius but can fail and target yourself because BMO refuses the system upgrade, that pieceof...
Screenshot (Click to View)

♦Mic Check [dFj] [MP: 110]
Morphs your arm into a megaphone and shouts through it. Deals low damage in a short but wide radius. Also summons a Musical Note that squeaks away forward, dealing moderate damage.
Screenshot (Click to View)


NOTE: Attached is an *updated jake.dat with fixed "And stay down! [dUa; mid-air]" for those who downloaded the prev version. Previous one was kinda op. DL link is now updated so no need to download attachment.

Jake's Sfx based The Prawn and LukeWarnut sound rips of "Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I Don't Know!" (

Based on Ploaj's sprite rips of "Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I Don't Know!" (

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.dat   jake.dat (Size: 78.44 KB / Downloads: 4)
"I have been playing too many 'AAA' games on my PC lately. I gotta stop. Why you ask? Well, I saw this really beautiful sunset once, and the first thing that came to my mind was, 'The clouds need more Anti-aliasing'" - LThaz3
Thanks given by: manhhieu1203 , Sorcerer

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