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LF2 New Features + Crazy UI
LF2 New Features + Crazy UI

Hello Everyone,

As the tittle suggest these exe's include several new features, followed by some troublesome bug fixing plus something new ..

The main goal of my project was to add features which I personally liked the most and also to fix common issues which bugged me the most ...

[Image: tdavkOo.png]

List of New Features (Click to View)
List of other troublesome things(fixed) (Click to View)

Other than these features I also tried something else and made a seprate exe for this -

[Image: 9Wx7hwd.png]

[Image: 5.PNG]

[Image: ezgif-7-e9899454dcc5.gif]

Now you can simultaneously view all the basic statistics which are included in Summary Screen without waiting for the fight to end

This includes displaying Kill, Attack, MP Usage, HP Lost and Picking done by the player during the fight within their player window respectively.

Other Features (Click to View)

New Features
Crazy UI

In the exe's provided below, normal Recordings won't work properly
All Features Combined
Have a Good Day !!!
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Thanks given by: LTWasabi , MangaD , A-Man , Bamboori
Oh wow, I wonder how did you do all this! :D
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thank you very much for this!
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It's impressive technically. But I would always go for a simplified UI over a more elaborate one. Somebody mentioned sticking the bars underneath the characters. I think that goes in the right direction.

Good job!
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