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Flash on website
Little fighters 2 on a website is much more easier and less stressful
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Not sure what you mean with the title of this thread since Flash is officially dead since 31st of December 2020. Obsolete and no longer supported by default by any modern browser.

There is something similar to what you are asking, open-source implementation of LF2 in HTML5 which is cross-platform and also works in the browser, but it is sadly unfinished as of now, maybe you can contribute to it in some way.

Check it out!
[Image: oldlinepub.gif]
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Right now I'm trying to make my own lf2 character Idk if I want to make my own lf2 mod
Idk how that website works

I could try to make my own website out of this oh yeah would be best for customize characters in this
I'm trying ok just not familiar with a few things (Click to View)
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