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SonicVSLF2 Decompilation & Preservation (Virus/DRM not included)
So, Im trying to decompile a LF2 Mod Called: SonicVSLF2 (Now Called Sonic Gather Battle)Which in SAGE 2016 Version found DRM Onwards.Making People thinking ALL versions of the game have Virus/DRM.

"Is SonicVSLF2 a Virus?"

And the Answer is: No.

The DRM Appears first time in 1.4(SAGE 2016 Version) until 1.5.

The Version which im NOW trying to search is 0.9x.A version more near to LF2

The Reason im making this is because i want to the characters be compatible with LF2 & Release them as a Pack.

The other reason which why i change the version to 0.9x is because have the files Decompiled!!!!!! The Problem is we need a password (Maybe in Japanese)

Help Needed.

If someone have 0.9b or 0.9c or 1.0 please reply or dm me

(PD:The DRM Doest'n make nothing other than not allowing play the game anymore)

Update(Wow. it happened a day and i got a update fast):I put a 1.3 version of the character:Chao.

It Work.

Well with some issues but it works
Thanks given by: RaphaelDrewBoltman
Did you manage to decompile the game? If so, how? I'm curious and wanted to mess with the game a little bit lol
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