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Character: Ling (collab with JoHo15)
had some ideas for some wacky moves, decided that those ideas are fit to be depicted as rings
did a sketch and the char design is basically "how many rings can i stuff on this char"
initial sketch (Click to View)
sketch variations (Click to View)

a char that uses energy rings and maybe some kungfu moves

joho did the initial single sprite for me and im slowly working on her normal frames

placeholder face pic (Click to View)
so far only did standing, walking, run and running stop, comes with some tiny dangling ring movements

some very sh**** sketches of ideas (Click to View)

-JoHo15 for sprites
-STM1993 for in depth balancing discussions
-ppl from the lfe and chinese discord for giving feedback and suggestions
back from the dead.....kinda
liking the work you two are doing, keep it up!

(03-11-2022, 08:13 PM)Nyamaiku Wrote:  i have no idea why i drew her like this
[Image: unknown.png]

"I'm the president of the shadow government
The grand governor of the federal reserve
Public enemy of the society
The one you cannot see the thirty three degree"
Thanks given by: Jahvansi , FredyFired , LutiChris
Always love your creations.
And lol to the facepic
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tiny progress, running and run stop
[Image: test.gif]
back from the dead.....kinda
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好期待這支人物 感覺很特別

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Welcome to LFE!
Please note this is an English-speaking forum, do use English where possible so everyone else can understand without needing to translate.
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