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How to:
1.Download the latest version of the game (LF3BYTITASZIBIKAS1.9k) here:
2.Unrar the files.
3.Run lf3.
4.Choose "control settings" and change the input commands and your name.
5.Play (choose VS Mode, Stage Mode, 1 on 1 or 2 on 2 Championship; Battle Mode is not working).
7.Absolutely NO profit!

Little Fighter 3 by Titas Zibikas EXE Skin:

Little Fighter 3 by Titas Zibikas Story Mode Book 1 (Click to View)
Little Fighter 3 by Titas Zibikas Story Mode Book 2 (Click to View)
Little Fighter 3 by Titas Zibikas Story Mode Book 3 (Click to View)

Download LF3BYTITASŽIBIKAS1.7c here:

Download LF3BYTITASŽIBIKAS1.6a here:

Download LF3BYTITASŽIBIKAS1.5a here:


Download LF3BYTITASŽIBIKAS1.4a here:


[Image: 29483688ec359b533c9493380a2a8b69c43bf280.png]
[Image: 2948368740ace7d8870b1de303a50632e3f7149e.png]


Greetings, fellow emperors. My name is Titas Žibikas and I'm from Lithuania.

I worked with the Wong brothers on LF1 and LF2. They taught me everything I know about programming, game design and modern computing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to these fine gents.

The Powers That Be ordered a beta version for LF3 which I had to compile in 3 days. So, here it is --- Little Fighter 3 demo in 3 days. Oh, the sweet irony of it all!

Anyway, that's it. Please, play it, enjoy it, rate it and comment it.

Respectfully, Titas Žibikas aka Paschendale
Thanks given by:
Welcome to the half-point distance of the LF3 game, i.e. version one point zero, emperors and zoners!

I have compiled the best chars and maps here, so please enjoy, while waiting for recolors/remasters of the original LF2 cast in the wake of my Aqua Dennis.

Special thanks to Apocalipsis, Marshall, injured, Bu Xie, hell fighter, siegvar, gad and others.

Respectfully, Titas Žibikas aka Paschendale
Thanks given by:
Julia's D^J doesn't do anything besides wasting MP
Walter's playstyle is a bit disappointing, he gives off the impression that he's in the same category as firzen but acts more like a minion
Caesar looks cool conceptually but to me feels like a draw back when it comes to executions is the amount of damage done to opponents such as D>A, D^A, & D^J (which is just a simple stun) however the animation for DVJ as a weapon is genius tho!
Wizard's Zack clones seems inappropriate, i feel like it takes away from the theme, maybe have clones that have a similar color scheme to Wizard or something that isn't already a playable character.
Crimson's D^A same reason above, crimson calls out wizard clones which takes away from the theme of the character
Crimson's D^J veryyy nice & tricky for opponents however it would be nice if the AI attempted to attack the stationary clones as opposed to running away
Nino's D>A doesn't appear to do anything (even when F6 is turned on) & leaves some kind of pellet or ammunition on the ground (it only works once you hit the attack button repeatedly to produce a ball but doing it once appears like Nino wants to do multiple attacks but nothing is happening)

Marshall's D^J & D>J as well as D>A+A... are all lovely & fun to play with, the Drinking animations are HILARIOUS, for those who haven't played him yet he's dancing & shaking to the lf2 music
Dr. Beorn is by far my favorite character due to the chainsaw run DJA+D>J
Zack is aesthetically nice to see with his lightning red attacks, DVJ & D^J
Wizard is very interesting when he runs & the opponent is on the markings you left behind D>J instantly freezes them, D>A+A+A... is also very nice
Nino's D^J & DVA are fun!
Javis has some awkward animations but he is fun to play with, he also looks freaking intimidating with that predatory stance
Tao, do i really have to explain^^
Frozen's Animations are just so beautiful
Gad's D>J transporting instantly in an aggressive manner is so sweet, im also a big fan of just the regular attacks with the kicks & claw swipes
Julian's Church & Shady Forest are Spectacularly Beautiful, Space is also pretty good, the rest of the backgrounds are just okay to me
A sequence of variables thatre engraved since the beginning of the cosmos is responsible for animating things in reality
Thanks given by: klodasmone
Greetings, Emperors!

After a sleepless night of debugging, I bring you version 1.2a of Little Fighter 3. Of course, I haven't evened out everything, yet: Julia and Julia+ have the missing explosion bug, Wizard isn't producing some moves, Volt's transformation is rigged, but here it is!

Also, Stage mode is not working, but, since I'm planning to do a Story Mode, it's not a problem, I hope. Other future plans are: (1)recolors/remakes of the original LF2 cast, and (2) friendly fire-hitting add-on...

Thanks given by:
Konichiva, my young Emperors!

I bring you a week of work on LF3, by me --- Titas Žibikas --- a Lithuanian, an European, an Earthling! It began as a remaster, but now it's a REmake.

I know, I know, some bugs still persist: Louis's armor and transformation don't work; Maveric's gun doesn't register; Julia still doesn't know, how to do an explosion, she's also summoning Mark as an after-image; and Volt is bugged as "Eff" --- SO bugged, that I left him as he is, for now.

For the next update, I am going to redraw the face-pictures, rename some characters and rename the .exe window to LF3BYTITASŽIBIKAS to whatever version, at that time, is and will be appropriate.

At the writing of this readme, I'm exhausted, but will do some ground-work for "Template versus Broly" script. Anyhow, please, enjoy!


P.S. Almost forgot: Happy Birthday to my, --- how to call her? --- yes, to my beloved Woman! BANZAI!!!
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Privet, tavareschi! (In Russian: Hello, comrades!)

Doesn't matter, if you're new to my project (greetings!), or if you've been with me thus far from the humble beginnings, --- this is what you've been waiting for! All sprites are REmade/REmastered, all face-pics redrawn, all data done (there are a few bugs, though, forgive me, God!). All I have to say is this: if you're a fan of LF2, you MUST play THIS one!

As a side note, I think it'll be a long time 'till the next update/version. In store for you, my darlings, I have a 3 Act story mode planned. Yep, yep!

All right, stop jabbering, me, and go play some LF3!

- T.Ž.

Download LF3BYTITASŽIBIKAS1.4a here:
Thanks given by: Memento
How are you supposed to advertise a mod when your only screenshot doesn't show anything significant, and you don't introduce what characters are in this mod? I also feel that you don't thoroughly understand the data of characters before you copy them from somewhere else.
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Oh, nice, the forum is still alive! (Barely!)
First, thank you, Memento, for the "Thanks". Write a comment/critique, my man!
Second, I just finished 2 font concept art promo pictures. Here:
[Image: 29483688ec359b533c9493380a2a8b69c43bf280.png]
[Image: 2948368740ace7d8870b1de303a50632e3f7149e.png]
Lastly, now you DEFINITELY have to play it!
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Guten Tag, my little emperors!

In the last 3 days I managed to record some characters' movelist playtest. Please, enjoy and download LF3, if you hadn't already! Next: (1) expanding and finishing three Story Mode scripts, (2) doing the story-boards, (3) creating some catchy music, and, finally, (4) messing some with the AIs movement. That's that for this time. Godspeed!

Respectfully, Titas Žibikas aka Paschendale
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Good day, emperors!

Winter is ending, I hope you had a good one. This is a work-in-progress script for the first story-mode campaign of three coming up. Thought, that I'll share, what I'm working on and with. Critiques are welcome, of course.

Respectfully, Titas Žibikas aka Paschendale
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