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Phantasy Star III
[Image: 6Lrb704.png]

(The logo above isn't used by the game; it was produced by

Released to Sega Mega Drive in 1990, often said to be mediocre or "black sheep" for reasons, Phantasy Star III is an underrated game set on a spaceship called Alisa III made up of 7 doomed worlds, which escaped from the planet Palma, which exploded over 1000 years ago. The civilization is divided into Orakian and Layan people and they forgot the fact they're on a spaceship and that they're Palman. The game starts with the player controlling Rhys, an Orakian going to marry a woman he found on the shores. The adventure begins with the bride being captured by a Layan monster and Rhys setting off of a prison to find her. The game features tech redistribution, different marriage branches and Orakian cyborg companions (Mieu, Wren and Miun).

The Phantasy Star series has several titles, and the latest one is Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis, which is a free cross-platform MMORPG with lobbies and several planets to advance and level up in the game. The classic titles besides Phantasy Star III, such as Phantasy Star I and II, received PlayStation 2 remakes, which were only released in Japan. I believe Phantasy Star III could turn into a better-rated game with a remake. Of all titles, without exact percentage, but based in general ratings, I could say Phantasy Star III is the one most people consider "flawed" and "black sheep". The game is poor in character expressions, battle system and graphics. Phantasy Star Online 2 is so generic that its features, such as character creation system, could be used to remake Phantasy Star III.

I'm particularly new to Phantasy Star series, but I'd love to reimagine this underrated title.

LuneFox from Reddit remade smugs from several characters with AI.

Lena (classic):

[Image: kTlZ5ia.png]

Lena (LuneFox version):

[Image: hjJYW4K.png]
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