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Character: FirenRV (Remixed version)
After some time (half a year?) of hiatus, I present to you all... A firen with ripped sprites and copied moves.
I think I've never mentioned before, I was holding myself from using lots of ripped sprites and moves because I thought it was shameful, and I made some terrifying mods in long past.

Anyway, enjoy. I'm sure you can find plenty of references in other fighting games and Firen's revenge. (Thus RV originally stood for Revenge)

A melee specialist who combines many moves of other mods and fan animations.
Has many high-powered, beautiful and versatile moves, but struggles against ranged enemies.
Major moves all cost HP.

Move list (Click to View)

Meteor Kick
[Image: h9FUIsp.gif]

Flare Blitz Bump
[Image: f0l6WXH.gif]

Flares + Dash Kick
[Image: 8VxdS25.gif]

Fiery Bomb
[Image: hwQj7uK.gif]

[Image: vMQFHA9.gif]

Stomp + Beat Down
[Image: NTUXNkw.gif]

[Image: XrT4y4y.gif]

[Image: RjgO1jY.gif]


Version: 27 Mar 2023


All sprites mentions refer to character, not projectile.
All projecile sprites are ripped from other games.
All further partial edits by me not mentioned.

Meteor Kick - Sprite by Blueghost (probably from LF2 Sx2)
Dash kick - Sprite by Dexploed (Firen's revenge)
Flare Blitz - Sprite by Leaf Fantasy (LF New Alpha)
Stomp - Sprite by The_Hari, Data by STM1993
Fiery Bomb - Sprite by Yuan (LF2: neuer stern) and Dexploed (Firen's revenge)
Eruption - Sprite by 織女氏 (LF Effect&Random)
Beat down - Sprite by Dexploed (Firen's revenge)
Mushiki - Sprite by In_The_End (D.R.LF2), Buxie (SDL-LF2)
Mushiki-Kai - Sprite by Leaf Fantasy (LF New Alpha), Dexploed (Firen's revenge)

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