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Background: 3 Backgrounds (AI art and revamps)
I'm back with a few new (old) backgrounds:

Aztec Lakeside: A new background created jointly by me and Stable Diffusion!
This background is an experiment in making use of AI drawing to create new LF2 assets, and also stands for a product on Darkfiren's request.

School Coliseum:
Revamped LFO background, with fixed proportions and deliberately fitting the dimension of the VS map HK Coliseum.

I also included a separate pack to replace HK Coliseum graphics with School Coliseum. This is very similar to the extra content I provided along with Gargoyle hall.

(This background was completed a year ago but forgotten since then...)

Shuttle Hall update:
Extended movable area.

When you download the archive (zip file), do not directly uncompress it into bg/sys.
Instead, read the readme.txt, and create a folder as instructed inside:

For example, Farm background requires making folder "farm3" in bg\sys
Then move all content of zip into bg\sys\farm3
Finally, add these to background section of data.txt:
id: 27    file: bg\sys\farm3\bg.dat

List of backgrounds

Aztec Lakeside (Click to View)
School Coliseum (Click to View)
Shuttle Hall (Click to View)

Aztec Lakeside

School Coliseum

School Coliseum (Replacement graphic pack for HK Coliseum)

Shuttle Hall

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