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Character: FreezeRV (Remixed version)
Where is Iori Yagami Freeze when we have a Kyo Kusanagi Firen? Then this is for you.

FreezeRV is the second Remix Version character who combines fan animations and mod moves into a melee character.

Due to incomplete sprites, he is incapable to completely replicate Iori Yagami and some ice elements are added.

A melee specialist who combines many moves of other mods and fan animations.
Looks toned down from the slightly exaggerated FirenRV, but equally deadly nonetheless.
Also has super desperation move.

Move list (Click to View)
Closing Claw
[Image: pP0ApG5.gif]

Strafing Claw
[Image: d7m1phf.gif]

Ice Blast
[Image: 4FNPps4.gif]

212 shiki - Kototsuki In
[Image: 2tuV1Vh.gif]

Falling Ice Punch, Rising Ice Punch
[Image: SKW1Mdc.gif]

100 shiki - Oniyagi
[Image: 2q17laZ.gif]

Fake 1211 shiki - Yaotome (Incomplete)
[Image: y8f9u18.gif]

Fake 1211 shiki - Yaotome
[Image: F3yGHH7.gif]

Ura 311 shiki - Saku Tsumagushi
[Image: Ndov4SN.gif]


Version: 23 April 2023

(Added signature letter (REMIXLV) in portrait)


All sprites mentions refer to character, not projectile.
All projecile sprites are ripped from other games.
All further partial edits by me not mentioned.

Closing Claw - Sprite by Me (Furrzee)
Strafing Claw - Sprite by Me (Remodel from Deep)
Ice Blast - Sprite by Leaf Fantasy (LF2 NewAlpha)
212 shiki - Kototsuki In - Sprite by Me (Furrzee), Buxie (SDL-LF2), assist by Darkfiren
Rising Ice Punch, Falling Ice Punch, 100 shiki - Oniyagi - Sprite by Yuan (LF2: neuer stern)
Fake 1211 shiki - Yaotome - Sprite by Yuan (LF2: neuer stern), Me (LF2 Hetero Clash), Leaf Fantasy (LF2 NewAlpha), Little Fighter 2.5
Ura 311 shiki - Saku Tsumagushi - Sprite by Yuan (LF2: neuer stern), Buxie (SDL-LF2)
Ice block effects - Sprite by Crazy and Rivercross

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