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Mod: Little Fighter 2 Bizzare Adventure
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[Image: pic_1.png?ex=66084424&is=65f5cf24&hm=793...04a5a9c6e&]

Hi, LFE community!

I would like to bring to your attention the most bizzare mod "Little Fighter 2 Bizzare Adventure"!
The mod comes out of a lot of love and interest in LF2 modding and JoJo~

DOWNLOAD: (password 123)
Mod features:

- bizzare visual image
- unusual combat system with dodges and mana sustain
- some characters have mini cutscenes when they transform into their second form
- unique mechanics and interactions
- JoJo poses
- the mod is under active development with player feedback tracking

Playable characters:

Jonathan (strong melee / hard to knock down while using abilities / has a second enhanced form)
Joseph (good at mid-to-close range / trickster / has a number of abilities that he combines effectively)
Giorno (melee / mobile /can summon animal helpers / has a second form that enhances abilities and protects from some attacks)
Diavolo (melee / has easy approach to the target / catches out the enemy with mistakes / has a time skip that gives access to new mechanics and combinations)
Dio Brando (melee / ranged / summon undeads / health recovery / controlling / and just a very bad person)
Known bugs:
not all interface parts are adapted to the main style
if Giorno in his second form with his stand approaches the edge of the map, his stand will disappear, but the flame will not

Translated by comrade Shad90.
Thanks given by: Phenian
Four complaints:
1. PLEASE don't make these sprites as small as NTSD. It hurts eyes, I won't want another good mod with this problem again.

2. Characters are noisy. Better not let them pronounce the full dialogue unless they can catch enemy/perform the whole move without interrupt.

3. Running motion and attacks are surprisingly clunky. Some moves are starting up really fast and move extremely, some moves are basically useless because they can be dodged easily.

4. Please make injured+D not so powerful. It is very nosy because it can interrupt combos easily.
Thanks given by: STM1993 , Phenian , Darki
What is the password to open the game?
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(03-20-2024, 05:39 PM)HibariKyoya Wrote:  What is the password to open the game?

Thanks given by: Phenian
next update in active development~

upd: visual oddities will be fixed in the release version.

Thanks given by: klodasmone
new character

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