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Character: Aeron
[Image: Aeron_face.gif] [Image: Aeron_pic.gif]

The previous release of this character was the result of the 40 frames challenge.
However it was still a rather slim character and we have now expanded it:
adding a few moves (grab/palm/tornado)
adding burning/forzen sprites
improving the handling and fixing bugs

It has grown beyond the simple 40 frames character setup and im pretty happy with it now.


Sprites by Siegvar
Data by me

siegvar was looking for some voice sounds for the double palm but gave up - if you think youve got a good one, post it
Thanks given by: SparK , MnM
No voice sounds from me, but a very big congrats for finishing the char. Looks good, and, from what I can remember from the shortened version, very interesting DC.

thumbs up :)
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can't download it
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sorry - ppl have exceeded my sites bandwidth for this month - it will be up again next month

till then heres the savefile link
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