Poll: Which LF2 Modification do you like the best?
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LF2 Advanced
3 3.26%
Naruto LF2
6 6.52%
Gundam Seed LF2
3 3.26%
LF2 2.5
7 7.61%
14 15.22%
18 19.57%
LF2 Mystics
10 10.87%
Naruto Shippuden LF2
22 23.91%
Wrestle LF2 AL
9 9.78%
Total 92 vote(s) 100%
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Best ever LF2 Modification ever? [Poll]
thanks everyone but are all the version on LFE?

[Image: woopuserbarcopymb5.jpg]
[Image: chelseafcfancopyta4.jpg]
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Merged "Best version of LF2" thread with the "Best ever LF2 Modification" thread since they're about the same thing.
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fair enuff. I didn't see this before.(somehow)

[Image: woopuserbarcopymb5.jpg]
[Image: chelseafcfancopyta4.jpg]
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How could you leave X-LF2 out?
Escape is a two-syllable word that grants temporary peace in the present to a future victim.
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OMG! Naruto xD

Hahaha, a really uncool modification.

I vote for LF2 SV because i like it :D
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I Think It is LF2 Advanced.
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OMG... a mod with "the best lf2 mods"
where's CE LF2? and isn't there any good DBZ lf2 mod that's almost

and my vote goes to lf mystics, it's the best i think, really
rn-lf2 was cool too but i kinda dislike the mod somehow

lf mystics isn't finished yet(?) so some of the "strange" things are still

and yea 2.5 was cool when i first tried it but it's the worst collection of good

and last but not least there's 2 (and only 2! naruto mods which can be calculated as a mod) they are the old bad naruto mod and the new shippuden mod by hellzflame

and as i said: CE-LF2 is the best "overpowered" mod and then comes R-LF2
and LF-mystics is the best Story mod and then RN-lf2

yeah, that's my opinion
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u lost XLF2!
u should add it on the poll!
its the best mod as ever!
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