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Mafia (Round 13, retry...)
Please read

--Quote originally posted by KATW on Acmlm's Board--

Hey everyone!

I was playing this game today in my free time (With about 15 other people mind you...) and decided it would be really awesome to try it out on the board. Its a different kind of teaser, in which you have to deduce members of the Mafia, before everyone not in it is killed. If you kill the members of the Mafia before they kill all of you, then you win. If not, then they win. Simple, eh? Eh, gets kind of tricky.

I need about 10-16 people for a full game, and each person will be assigned a role in secret. There are many different roles.

Citizen side:
1: Bystander - You're a bystander in this whole situation. You can't do much except accuse people when selected. You are trying to win the game!
2: Doctor - When a Mafia member tries to kill someone, he can save them... if he guesses right.
3: Sheriff - He has the ability to discover whether or not a person is good or bad in the whole situation. Whether or not people believe him is a different story.

Mafia side:
1: Mafia - The bad guys in this whole situation. Better take them out before they take you out. Each Mafia member knows who the other Mafia people are... as to avoid accidental killings. One out of four people is in the mafia...
2: Thug - A servant of the Mafia. He is supposed to take his life in place of a Mafia member... but not even he knows who the Mafia are... There are two thugs in each game regardless.
3: Godfather - He is the leader of the Mafia. His role is the same as the Mafia, except when he is checked by the sheriff, he appears innocent.

The game consists of multiple "Night" and "Day" rounds... each game starts with a night round. The following will happen (In PMs)

1: All Mafia members will PM me the name of three people that they want dead (not Mafia themselves). The person with the most votes between them all will be killed. In the event of a tie, a second PM round will take place.
2: The Doctor will list off one person that they are trying to save. If its the same person that the Mafia wants dead, then the life is saved and the bystanders get another chance.
3: The Sheriff will ask me in PM the name of one person in the game. I will tell you if they are mafia or not.
4: After the night passes, the name of the person killed will be announced. When you are killed, you aren't allowed to contribute to the killing or accusing of the Mafia. You also aren't allowed to vote on who to kill... you can come back as a ghost to haunt people though. Also, during free discussion, you can speak as well...

After a night turn, a day round comes around. The following will happen.

1: The person who is dead, or saved, will be announced.
2: Up to the deadline everyone will be allowed to converse and voice their theories. PLEASE INCLUDE AT LEAST ONE PERSON YOU THINK IS IN THE MAFIA
3: After some time I will look through and pick the three most "accused" people. They will be up for voting
4: The entire group of people will then have a vote of killing. Whoever gets the most votes will be killed off.
5: In case of a tie, a single person who did not vote for either tie-member will do a tie breaker.
6: At any point of the day round, a thug can step in and take the bullet if he or she believes the person up for killing to be in the mafia.

The process then goes into a night round once more, and repeats until there are more Mafia members than bystanders, or until all of the Mafia is killed. Sounds fun... right?

A few things to keep in mind...

1: When accused, you can claim to be someone you aren't, or what you are to avoid being shot, or sway public opinion... who's who? Only time will tell.
2: Mafia members will know who the other Mafia people are. Use this to your advantage and plan your kills accordingly.
3: Thugs take bullets in private (PM).
4: The Sheriff should use his one person guess wisely, and then use that knowledge accordingly.
5: The Doctor should also try and save the right people as well. A doctor can be selfish and save himself each round if he wants... however... you are trying to kill the Mafia as well, while saving yourself...

6: In general, these rules apply:

Smart Citizens + Smart Mafia = Interesting Round
Smart Citizens + Dumb Mafia = Citizen Victory
Dumb Citizens + Smart Mafia = Mafia Victory
Dumb Citizens + Dumb Mafia = Mafia Victory

Ergo: Try not to be dumb and this game will stay interesting for all the lot of people who are playing.

--Quote End--

Rule Enforcement (July 23rd, 2009):
PMs between players are allowed as long as both are alive.
Means: You as living player are NOT allowed to PM any dead player, even if he tells you to.

Rule Enforcement (July 25th, 2009):
If you aren't playing the current round, then you have absolutely nothing to discuss with anybody who IS playing about the current round.

At night, he PMs me with the name of a person he wants to kill (or no-kill, to save your bullets for later). That person is then killed, except if the doctor saves him. The vigilante has only a limited amount of shots, usually 2. He works for the citizens.

Each night he PMs me with the name of a person's room he wants to trap. IF anybody enters the room at night (Mafia, Doctor, Sheriff, Vigilante), that person dies. If multiple persons enter the room, the killing priority is as follows: Mafia, Vigilante, Doctor, Sheriff.
Usually, if the Mafia attack the person whose room is trapped, the Mafia member (not Godfather!) who PMed me first is killed. If there's only the Godfather left... he is killed.
The trapper works for the citizens, but should choose the target room with caution, because he could kill off one of the important roles.
Addition: The trapper can set a number (about 3) of additional traps, he can set them at any night in any room. And as many as he wants in a night (so not restricted to one additional trap per night).

At night he sees/hears all activity in his room. If his room is visited by somebody else, they discover their identity and what they were doing. (Of course, it's too late if the Mafia was there for him...)
The Insomniac works for the citizens.

Love pair:
At the beginning of the game two random people are selected to be the love pair. When, at any point of the game, one of the two persons die, the other one commits suicide.
Usually it is possible to combine Mafia and Citizen into a love pair (they would need to kill everybody else to win), but I'd prefer not too many complications.
People with special roles can still be part of the love pair.

At the end of day rounds (during the voting phase) the Mayor has the ability to stop the lynch (only once per game) by PM to the host.
This is especially useful if the Mayor knows that the person who's going to be lynched is innocent.

---ROUNDS--- (pages at 20 posts per page)
Round 1: Mafia victory (April 25th, 2009) (page 12) (Player of the Round: Blue Phoenix)
Round 2: Mafia victory (May 10th, 2009) (page 24) (Player of the Round: Reaper)
Round 3: Mafia victory (May 27th, 2009) (page 33) (Player of the Round: Nave)
Round 4: Host victory (means aborted) (June 19th, 2009) (page 40)
Round 5: Citizen victory (July 14th, 2009) (page 50) (Player of the Round: Silva)
Round 6: Citizen victory (July 28th, 2009) (page 58) (Dick of the Round: Silva)
Round 7: Citizen victory (August 6th, 2009) (page 68) (Player of the Round: Alectric)
Round 8: Mafia victory (August 29th, 2009) (page 74) (Do you notice how the amount of pages until each round ends gets less with every game?)
Round 9: Citizen victory (September 21st, 2009) (page 86) (Player of the Round: Evil Sonidow)
Round 10: Citizen victory(October 20th, 2009) (page 92)
Round 11: Aborted (November 4th, 2009) (page 102) (Phil farewell!)
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Whow, sounds really funny, I want to join if that's possible
I think that will be a really really long game...
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It is, and that's the reason we need many many many many many many many many players.
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Ye... and I'll be the only one who survives MuhwAhwahwAhwaHahWaAhwAhWahwaAH!!!
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cool i'd like to join
btw how active do we have to be?
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i am in.
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plankton Wrote:cool i'd like to join
btw how active do we have to be?

The more active, the better.
Although once or twice every day would suffice, but the more the better.

Yep, that counts for everybody. Twisted
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The game in the last forum was very nice :)
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active again.
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~Dome~ Wrote:Join..
The game in the last forum was very nice :)

It was a bit strange but it had a nice touch to it ;)
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