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is it possible for stage mode
(i might create this if its possible) ok i am wondering if its possible for a character to fall through the ground and fall into a hole and dispear ( the background has holes in it)
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I think this is impossible.
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um well, it may work with weapons!
remember the cliff-technique....

But you could try out this: If the stage starts, you write id: 40 hp: 0 X: -5000 y:-5000 join: 10
Then you make a char for id: 40, which cannoth do anything, but which has auto-cpoints in each frame which he spreads over the whole bg.
No bdy's, use state 14 to avoid cpu-mistakes!
That may delete chars, and if you add an irt/kind0 with effect 5 and bdefend: 310, it may also work with weapons!
The bot is in your team, so i will survive till the stage ends. But if you die, you won't loose, because its just in your team!

hope you understand!^^

(11-11-2008, 11:37 PM)Hukko Wrote:  I think this is impossible.

Nothing is impossible! :p
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You will have to change all the characters by adding new frames to it:

<frame> 398 drop_into_hole
   pic: 0  state: 15  wait: 3  next: 1000  dvx: 0  dvy: 0  dvz: 0  centerx: 39  centery: 79  hit_a: 0  hit_d: 0  hit_j: 0
      kind: 1  x: 31  y: 56  weaponact: 30  attacking: 0  cover: 0  dvx: 0  dvy: 0  dvz: 0

and add new frames to criminal.dat:

<frame> 396 hole
   pic: 999  state: 18  wait: 1  next: 396  dvx: 0  dvy: 0  dvz: 0  centerx: 39  centery: 79  hit_a: 0  hit_d: 0  hit_j: 0
      kind: 3  x: 35  y: 13  w: 64  h: 87  vrest: 7  
      catchingact: 397 397  caughtact: 132 132  

<frame> 397 hole
   pic: 999  state: 9  wait: 5  next: 1000  dvx: 0  dvy: 0  centerx: 39  centery: 79  hit_a: 0  hit_d: 0  hit_j: 0
      kind: 1  x: 39  y: 39
      vaction: 398  throwvz: -842150451  hurtable: 0 throwinjury: -842150451 decrease: 0

then add this line into the stage.dat

id: 300  act: 396  x: 500
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Heck, just use a caughtact:1000.

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our u guys sure it will work
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(11-12-2008, 02:02 AM)Drahcir Wrote:  Heck, just use a caughtact:1000.

but he want it to fall, then disappear
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thanks blue phonix and everyone else
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I don't know what you guys write there :p whatever, here's what you need:

my suggestion: The holes are NOT in the background, the background is just normal (since you wanted this for stage, make it much easier).

You activate the holes in the stage ONLY.

Looks like this.

- you activate a criminal which activate a ball
- this ball goes down the z-axis with hit_j so you know the z-position of the ball
- now the ball go up a bit (for testing use state 3000 and pic: 1000 so you can easily say where the object is)
- make the object stop with dvz: 550 at the position you want to have. The centery of this object is 0, so the picture will be shown from the shadow on and below. You need to do this because if not your chars will be able to walk "behind" the whole :p
-now you activate another ball in this frame which moves down z-axis again half the height of the image of the hole. Stop the object, lets call this object "HOLE", it's hidden and have no image and spawn type 0 objects regularly with a bdy at y: 1000 with the x: -1 y: 1000 w: 2 h: 100. Respawn necessary, if not your stage will stuck in a phase.

Now for the char: every char will get a itr/kind 8 at y: 1000 with x: 0 y: 1000 w: #width of the hole, if not 80 you have to change x, too# h: 100 zwidth: #also width of the hole on zaxis#; DVX must be set so the char is lead to new falling frames. These new falling frames look like normal falling frames, just that that the state is 3005 (no shadow in the middle of the hole) and the centery goes more and more negative with every frame.

This system might sound complicated, but it's only a but work...

Hope this helps, moved to advanced so it won't get lost :p
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