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Lf2 vDBZ
Lf2 Dragon Ball mod page: ;)


[Image: ubekij7.png]
[Image: ubekcu9.png]
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you create this? and if you did can i help as coder?
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There are many ripped chars, right? Have you even asked for the permission of the coder? oO
[Image: foxcnbannerbluesp8.png]
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I guess, you're advertising a new mod, right? Well, this is an English-speaking forum, and I'm not really sure if everybody can read Polish. Me neither :p
Please edit your first post according to two points:
a) Place a direct download link, so that non-Polish speaking users can try out that mod.
b) Post screenshots, people want to see what they are downloading
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can anyone tell me where to download the dragon ball z mod? i cant seem to find it
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Well lots of charecters thats good
No fusion hey there is a fusion in the lf2.exe try using it to create a temporary fusion thats bad
you can create a permanent potara fusion using data changing why not thats bad to
buu is only a skin to julian bad to he neds new attacks and have the julian burningsprites
no great apes hey i cant find any and there has to be great apes in dbz thats bad to
you need some improvements on the supersayian transform the yellow stuff araund them flyes do that better
goku doesnt do any real kamehameha a kaioken kamehameha. its actually good to but he does not continue doing it
so it would be: ++------
so 3/10
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i can't go to that link for some reason = /
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here instruction for perfect dbz mod...
mod name:dbz-esf
super saiyans:goku,gohan,trunks,vegeta.
mutations:cell 2st form, evil buu,frieza 2st form,growned krillin,absorb picollo.
weapons:trunks sword.
fusion:goku and vegeta=gogeta
thats all, this mod will be perfect not that shiet vDBZ...
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