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combat effect - parry
i thought of an idea of 'parrying' or 'blocking' in combat.
what i mean is this:
eg. 2 people fighting each other.
if person A punches person B when person B is blocking, there will be like an animation or something that shows kind of like a 'disruption' of the attack.
like a swing that gets stopped or rebounded half way swung. when attack collide with defend, both react in certain ways.

what i thought so far was:
1. opoint an itr/kind 8 (with dvx to a itr/kind3 frame) object at punch
2. create an extra bdy point at defend frames which is placed high up or down y: 1000
3.the object is spawn in front of puncher in x axis but in y axis, is really high up. therefore, since the defend frame will have a bdy point at this frame, the ball will stick to the puncher. with dvx to an itr/kind 3 frame, this will react with the defender and send him to a set of new frames.
4. these new frames are the parry effect.

when i tried it, i had lots of bugs because im still quite new to this itr/kind 8 and itr/kind 3 stuff.
what do you think of this idea? does anyone have suggestions of making it simpler? is my explanation confusing?
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Well, my suggestion is this: Add an itr/k: 8 into the punching/attacking frames which will lead (with dvx) to the disruption-frames. The corresponding bdy is in the defend-frames. Yes, both of them should be an absurd value.... for example y: 3000 :P

This is supposed to be the plain version, but I think, when you use that, you need to re-align the character, as itr/k: 8 aligns the person to the centerx-value of the other object. So, you'll need to move him back to his original place in the disruption frames. Like a dvx: -80 & wait: 1 in a frame. Doesn't look good, I know, but this is the easiest method I can think of at the moment.

btw, nice ava ;)
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well ive come up with something different. just say since in defend frames, if you get hit, it automatically takes you to a different defend frame. by putting the special bdy point in this frame, it would be easier to avoid having uhm...a bug where even though you didnt punch the guy, he still reacts and also make that everytime the attack and defend collide together, it would be more certain of working at the right times.

so is it possible to just change the alignment of the itr/kind 3 and holding points to align it?

oh and due to the current lf empire v8 state, im not able to examine the itr/kind 3 ball effects so im not sure how to fully use them properly, if anyone would like to help me expand on how to delete the ball when its affected the character.

offtopic: i got the avatar from a game called aquaria.
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itr:/k: 3
x, y, w, h: usual area things, same as kind: 0
vrest: just take Louis's r-catch-itr, there it says vrest: 7. Just to prevent any complications, take a value of 7 ;)
catchingact: frame the character will go when he hits a bdy (in Louis's case, these are the frames that are used for grabbing the opponent). Two numbers as it can be differentiated between front and back. Ex.: catchingact: 123 234
caughtact: frame that the caught character will go to. Again, two frames for differentiation. (Ex.: caughtact: 134 245)

The holding points have to be managed with cpoint:/k:1. The x/y-coordinates tell you the exact point where the char is being held. Not sure about the itr/k: 3-thing, you'll have to try it out.....

oh, yes, forgot about frame 111, you're right (it took me like forever to figure out what that frame is good for :P).

I assume, the ball's supposed to delete itself as soon as the other character has been brought to a special frame. Wonderful! :D
Just put a bdy into the character's frame and an itr/k: 8 into the ball. The dvx should lead to a frame which deletes it (with a next: 1000). kinda similar to that:
kind: 8 x: 0 y: 0 w: 80 h: 80 dvx: 150

150 delete
pic:........... next: 1000 ............

Hope this helps you ;)
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"Freeze, you're under vrest!" - Mark, probably.

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oh k. thanx a lot. but which one is the front and which one is back for the caughtact and catchingact?
but as for the itr/k 3, thats what louis uses.

could you please link me to a functional example for me to look at? im really gonna explode here. its just not working.
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