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Few combos
posted on official forum, so why not posting it here...
I hope I won't get permabanned for overimaged thread... sigh*

[Image: combo04.gif]

[Image: combo06.gif]

[Image: combo08.gif]

[Image: combo10.gif]

[Image: combo13.gif]

[Image: combo14.gif]

[Image: combo26.gif]

[Image: combo16.gif]

[Image: combo29.gif]

[Image: combo39.gif]

[Image: combo38.gif]

[Image: combo30.gif]

[Image: combo33.gif]

[Image: combo19.gif]

[Image: combo21.gif]

[Image: combo17.gif]

[Image: combo18.gif]

[Image: combo43.gif]

[Image: combo46.gif]

[Image: combo49.gif]

[Image: combo50.gif]

[Image: combo51.gif]

[Image: combo53.gif]

[Image: combo54.gif]

[Image: combo52.gif]
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what the...!! ahh ..awesome
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holy crap...
how did you do the rudolf-firen transform combo SO QUICK LIKE THAT?!?!?!
how the...monk and justin...omg...
lol knight combos is good!
dude i envy you, you are epic!
Nice work
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omfg... how did u do this?^^ what more to say? really cool
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I see that you use items to damage the enemy and keep him in air generally... Sweet method, indeed!

TITLE: a idea
make cave for bear?
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woot thx all Shock

but anyway I do not deserve all the "coolness"
some of them are revived not-very-common ones which I found in old threads over forums

Quote:I see that you use items to damage the enemy and keep him in air generally

Sure :D
They were included in game so why not using them
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nice combos especially the firen-rudolf one
[Image: nxrixc.jpg] <<

Credits to Silver for avatar and signature(from LF-Global)
[Image: ElPrestige-1.png]
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The gifs are a bit crappy, but anyway, cool combos ^^
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WhooO! That's nice. You are realy good in this :). I didn't see that before.
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The first one is too cool XD damagiging yourself
If at first you don't succeed, you're probably not going skydiving again.
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