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I'm creating a new vers of LF
yeah, yo, I'm creating a new vers. of Little Fighter. Am I allowed to put my created game on the i-net, for a freedownload...? The game is basically is built on the original game Little Fighter 2 vers.1.9c from Marti Wong, Strasky Wong. And No way! we want to desire money for this game from you. Of course NO.
yeah.. I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon.
thx guys.
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..Moved to LF2 General from LF2 Modifications / Other Versions.

I believe you're not talking about data changing, and if you are, tell me and I'll move this thread to Projects.
You see, nobody ever seems to read the rules so I might have to think of something with MH some other time, making the rules more obvious or including them in the main rules instead might work.
..I just really don't know and it's quite frustrating to see that nobody seems to handle things around here, and if so only a little.
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Maybe make the rules part of the registry (?) and after that there's a lil test, to make sure they REALLY read them.

And I'm really curious if "Horst" manages to finish this so called "new vers"...
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Well since we are on topic of the rules, rename it from rules to guidlines. When people think of forum rules they think about stuff like "no spamming etc etc etc" and most people don't read that(I must admit I don't read rules when I go to forums either :p). If you make it guide lines people might be inclined to read them :).
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Silva Wrote:If you make it guide lines people might be inclined to read them :).

Be honest, you wouldn't read those socalled "guidelines". I wouldn't either :p
Anyways, somehow I like Lauli's idea with the test, something like 10 questions from which are 3-5 drawn randomly...
But I guess if people followed the rules/"guidelines", we Mods would be ou of work :p
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