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Dialogues between chars
so question:
dialogues between character can be created only with itr\kind: 8 and appearing dialogues.
1.) how to bind dialogue to 1 char, and another to 2 char? using different "y" coordinates? only so?
2.) how to do so: while dialogues comes, chars can only standing and nobody can move?
3.) how to do dialogues rightly? what state for dialogues use better?

i really need to know ALL about this....:D
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1. yea I'd use ik8
2. at the start of stage, use itr kind 3 or 8 to bring chars to a frame with state: 10 or something (so no inputs are read), then let them go again later
3. i'd use state: 9997

check out kingdom lf2

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Another day of DC prob solved by Azriel again! :p Solved now I think cause I tried it Azriel's way and it works. Good thing that we have Azriel here to help us ....
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Quote:check out kingdom lf2

Azriel, so....
i dont know enough about itr\kind 8
but how itr\kind 8 bring chars to correct frame? i can't understand..(
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itr/kind: 8 have a dvx and its value is the frame number which your char'll go to when that itr hit some bdy.
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itr kind 8

@no one
better to either link them to the page (if available) or type out a slightly more detailed tutorial if they're less experienced in DC; course if i'm lazy i'd do what u did too :P

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Quote:itr/kind: 8 have a dvx and its value is the frame number which your char'll go to when that itr hit some bdy.
thank you!
it's all that i need bout itr\kind 8
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@Azriel: I can't go to the mainsite (don't know why) so I can't send him the link.
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moved to advanced...

I see azriel already helps ;)
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