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You may have recognized that when you visit LFE you're automatically redirected to
THat's because the mainsite runs on a test server to see if it's faster - the forums are still on the old server. The problem for you is that links to tutorials or donwloads on the mainsite ill not work (because page cannot be found) and so you're automatically directed to the front page. To avoid this rightclick and "save link" and copy it to a new tab, and change the link manually from


Sorry for this disagreeableness, we hope to be able to stop the testrun on saturday next week.


Edit: So far the new server is excellent - the only errors which are created are the errors made through missing pictures, which is normal in this case (have to change this when we totally move then).

We also had a little record yesterday: 420 users were online at a time - never saw such a high number :p
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