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Deleted User Accounts
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Rule 4: No Multi Account
Don't create more then one account! If you created two accounts inadvertently while registering, just contact us, we'll merge or delete the second one and nothing happens. But if we find out you have more then one account you'll get into trouble and may also be banned!!!

The following accounts were deleted:

- xgaunax & xgauna
- Xano_Omega & XanoOmega
- sourabh kukreja & sourabh
- LuzifersSohnGanalf616 & LuzifersSohnGanalf
- davismaster377 & davismaster

In case you make a second account for accident or technical problems report this to administrators, we'll fix it, merge accounts if necessary and nothing more happens.

In case we detect multi accounts with postcount 0 they'll be deleted.

In case we detect multi accounts with both accounts having posts you'll get banned.
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