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can someone help me to modify the exe file please? ^^
i want unlock all characters in demo mode, open crazy! level in demo mode and no maximum team players in demo mode :D
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if wanna unlock all chars and the crazy mode type at the char selection menu:
thats all:)
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no i mean in the demo mode
can you help me to modify please?
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So basically, you want to expand the IDs of the random functions to 0-60 in Demo. Also, make "Crazy!" the default difficulty in Demo. I still don't get the third thing but it sounds like something difficult to do.
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the third thing is no limit number of a team
now the limit is four people in a team

can you help me please? ^^
thanks a lot!
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that last thing is (some could post that pic
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the char selection menu is only 8 people MAXIMUM, and there is only room for 8
so unless you are a SUPER UBER EXE GENIUS its impossible
try battle mode. you can have heaps of people on your team, just not main chars
i didnt know lf2 even had a demo, i advise you get full version then, and should do the others, but you have to type it in each time
unless you download lf2 v1.9c, and get rammichaels exe editor, and make it so all chars are always available(the editor doesnt work with 2.0 i believe)
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that last thing is
no i mean more than 4 people in a teams not all players
it is not work
demo mode cannot select hidden characters
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get full version
play battle mode
im not actually sure if you could have more than 4 people on a team is possible through hex.

why do you even have the demo anyway? just get full version. its not that hard, or that time wasting
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demo mode
ver 2.0 full version
have you play the game yet? @@
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OH demo mode?
i thought there was a lf2 demo :P
why do you want all that in demo mode?
seems a bit pointless to me
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