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test test test

I missed you - Noir
missed you too ~Ramond
well that's redundant now. ~ Blue Phoenix
this is a test about what? ~Ramond
about magic ~ Blue Phoenix
@below: yes it is crazy, madness, and sparta ~Ramond
testuser is THE GUY!!! :o ~ Blue Phoenix
testuser had negative rep once, or am I mistaken ~Ramond
testuser can have a negative rep and still is THE GUY! ~ Blue Phoenix
Total Reputation: 2
Positives: 10
Neutrals: 2
Negatives: 7 ~ MH-Razen

well, testuser is being raped used by us... for our evil means and plans... kind of like the aperture science center ~Ramond
so? ~ Blue Phoenix
Karma Police is gonna rape your dog ~Ramond
This thread has been lazored ~ Blue Phoenix
no.... just plain lolzored. (for a minute there I lost myself) ~Ramond
This thread is now about clouds ~ Blue Phoenix
no u ~Ramond
no mafia ~ Blue Phoenix
mafia is going well ~Ramond
TOO well ~ Blue Phoenix
well, more posts than rpg ~Ramond
I'm the moderator of administrators! RAWR

Help me to get out of this signature xD - Noir
ok sure!!! but how?! ~Ramond
divide by 0 and add 42! :o ~ Blue Phoenix
oh noez it doesn't work!! any other plan?! ~Ramond
Maybe call sparta? ;o - Simoneon
QUICK, TRY IT! ~ Blue Phoenix
omg omg omg, it works!! But other way round! - Simoneon
I hope this stays here now and forevermore. Amen. ~ blow_fly98
Seriously. We have to help Noir! - Simoneon
I found a solution! How about we erase Noir's line? ~ Blue Phoenix
Nooooo! That'd destroy all the convo-pyramid here! - Simoneon
Who cares? You got one in my sig anyway. ~ blow_fly98
Yea but it is teh TESTUSER! - Simoneon
What's he fixing, anyway? ~ SirFrog
just everything.. even when he just sits down he fixes something.. he fixes the not used CHAIR!!! O.o ~ Phil
OMG I'm getting sucked in! ~ Bamboori
You guys are horrible. -- testuser
I'll give you some love ~ Marshall
testuser is alive and kicking... once again!!! - Simoneon
Has he ever been dead? ~ Blue Phoenix
he has been alive, just not kicking, but rather busy stealing all your ice cream ~ Marshall
Noooo!! Not my ice cream! I need it to live! P.S, Which flavour? ~ Alectric Watermelon flavour! >:3 - Simoneon
No. ~ Blue Phoenix
yep :D ~ Bamboori
Three bags full. ~ blow_fly98
Three bags full of RAINBOWS ~ SirFrog
erm, normally I would delete this. It was a test to see how many different moderators could edit one post and how many users thank somebody for useless posts. Test compleated.

Thread not deleted since this post is just to crazy...

LOL ~Ramond
+1 ~ Blue Phoenix
you're too correct ~Ramond
freaks ~ MH-Razen
MH, you're pretty hot... agree? (not viewing subjectively, but objectively) ~Ramond
red = hot. Easy as that ~ Blue Phoenix
pretty much yeah. ... wait no! You're red! That can't be! Blue = cold?? ~Ramond
harr harr harr.... I divided by 0, thus destroying the space-time-continuum! ~ Blue Phoenix
we're all do(o)med ~Ramond
no u - Simoneon
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Once I had a fortune, it said: "Leave now. Life is short. Time is luck"
Don't dream your life, live your dream!

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