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LF stage generator (fixed)
Thanks Drahcir! I have uploaded the screenshot, u can find it from imageshack named 'App.bmp'.
I've created the screenshot. I can make only 1 picture, because it is the whole program.
I've uploaded it in imageshack with name 'App.bmp'.
I've also uploaded my program in RAR to mediafire named 'LF Stage Quickmaker.rar'.
But I still don't understand. Can anyone explain me how people can find these files? thx
Can someone tell me how to make spoilers so I can upload the screenshots here?
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You create a link to the place they are uploaded at, the image by [img](insert image URL here)[/img]
and the actual file by [url=(insert rar URL)](insert the text you want to be shown)[/url]

TITLE: a idea
make cave for bear?
Thanks given by: Kevin
scrshot: [Image: appl.png&via=mupload] image
program: program
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(06-17-2009, 04:32 AM)Kevin Wrote:  
first picture (Click to View)
program: program
can u explain me again about URL? you have forgotten the secon [/url] tag ;)
and always take the direct link from imageshack
here you go (Click to View)
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Download LF Stage Quickmaker
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ok. this surprised me when i clicked "Generate". perhaps not a good idea with difficulty: 25000 (it's been jammed for a while).

there's a lot of work has been put into this. perhaps a readme/tutorial thing would be good.

oh btw ppl, [here]'s the richtx32.ocx that you need to run it.

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Well, difficulty 100 = 1 bandit, so 2500 will make it as strong as 25 bandits...
u can also make your own stage by using the buttons on the left.
Click a face picture or a character to insert it.
I ever try with 100 milk and beer bottles and the result is funny.
No enemy comes, so just the bottles and i win the stage. XD
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Hey, someone plz help me rate the characters better
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char'svalue = value'HP
BanditValue = 100 '50
huntervalue = 110 '50
MarkValue = 275 '200
JackValue = 225 '150
SorcererValue = 200 '100
MonkValue = 300 '200
JanValue = 400 '250
KnightValue = 375 '200
JustinValue = 175 '200
LFCValue = 600 '500
BatValue = 600 '500
LouisEXValue = 650 '600
FirzenValue = 850 '750
JulianValue = 1200 '1000
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