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Armour Weapon
I found a new method to make an armour


if the bdy a frame with state: 7 is hit, the injury is smaller and the chara will go too the next frame.

Ok know that what I found out:

A weapon can also have an state: 7
so, when you put in all weapon frames a state: 7
(exept the on gorund frames [state: 1003/4])
the chara will have a good amour
the amour can be broken and make sure
that in the brokendefend frames and the injuryed
frames is a weaponact to a frame who hasen´t a
state: 7

Theoretically, that's not a new idea.

I haven't gotten around to testing it yet...
I was planning to do something similar for Granite for EC.... with a few minor differences.

Have you tested it?

And what's up with the first character on your sig? Its a horrible cut and paste job using alot of parts from one of my newer spritesheets I'm working on.

I don't quite remember you informing me about it. much less asking me about it.


I haven´t cut and past it, but I used the same idea

sry if it looks like I done that but I just saw your sprite and
think that, it is a good idea, so I tried to make it with ph
and it works. I can change it if you like

state: 7 in weapons is kinda weird. If I remember correctly, when you hit a weapon that has state: 7, a lot of sparks are created, like it ignores the arest/vrest. Also, a vrest would hit both the character and the armor, so... yeah, the armor probably wouldn't be effective if someone was attacking you with a vrest itr.

Lol.. then it looks too much like a cut and paste job..(I only have a problem if its a cut and paste job.)

Change the colours... and you need to draw the cape less floaty. let it drop down alll the way... the floaty cape looks like you just took my floaty cape for the flying stance and put it on the standing stance.. and the legs you drew are too short for the body.. again looks like you tried to straighten the legs from my sprite and its too short.

And make the new design additions more obvious... or maybe change it a little more... it looks too much like my character. haha.

ok I will change it

~back to topic~

I haven´t tried it out, but I´m going to make it today

cool, definitely let us know how it comes out.

This probably belongs in advanced dcing now. Hope you don't miss it >.<

YAY! It´s working!

[ from attachements]


now it has an itr kind: 4

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