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Contest #5: Writing Challenge
Here is so bored... I was yawning every day hoping that somebody will write new story
You disappointed me guys... Since here is so boring I decided to finish my story
And here it goes. Sorry if my english is bad(I'm sure that I was making a lot of mistakes):(... But at least you will have fun by translating it and reading it...
Don't cry at the end!:D


In far land… In great kingdom called Litia, there was small village, near the sea. One young boy lived there with his mother and sister. The boy got a black, long, steeply hair and deep black eyes. His clothes was always lacerated… White long pants and white t-shirt. His name was Ryan and he got one special talent. He could always see good in creatures, peoples, animals, no matter how evil their deeds were, or how agressive they were. Ryan always helped his mother and sister Lea with the jobs in the morning. After noon when Ryan and Lea finish with their jobs they go on the meadow near the village. Ryan would usually pick up some stick and train with Lea fencing. Lea was usually girl with long yellow hair bearing the same clothes as Ryan.
- What is with you brother? You're somehow slow today.- says Lea to Ryan while they was training the fencing.
- Well… I was thinking about something while we was fighting now.-
- About what? You finally find a girl?-
- No sister. Well… -
- Haha my brother is in love!- Lea yells.
- I can't stop think about Isabel… I helped her today with some barrels,. and I think all the time about her smile. I just can't focus on fight…-
- Then I guess the training is over brother.-
- No, no! I can still fight you…-
- No, you can't! If you're not focused on your sword and moves, then you cannot fight!-
- What's wrong with me sister?-
- There is nothing wrong with you… It's usually for men to think about womans sometimes. We won't have training until you don't forget about girls in our village and start to think about combat. You know how our father died in battle near the city of kings.-
- Yes… -
- Well brother… I don't have to remind you that we are going to evange our father and kill the dark king Draco. You have to wake up from your dreams! Come on let's go home Ryan!- Lea says and pulls Ryan for his hand. Ryan was very tired at the night, but he couldn't sleep… He was thinkign about Isabel, girl from his village. He get out of his bed and decided to go to the Lake near the village. When he get there he saw Isabel, siting on one rock. He started to feel nervous, but he didn't stop walking.
- Hello? Isabel?-
- Oh Ryan! W-what are you doing here?-
- I just can't sleep…-
- hehe I see.-
- You are often here?-
- Yea. Every night. Then I sleep long time in the morning. The moons reflection is beutiful on this lake at the night.-
- Yea, but I didn't coem here to watch moons reflection. I come here to get some wather and then I meet you. Why… Why you can't sleep Isabel?-
- Why you can't sleep Ryan?-
- Well I wasn't tired.-
- And I wasn't tired.-
- Huh ok… I am training fencing with my sister Lea. And… I wasn't good today. I was thinking about something and that bothered me.-
- Something?-
- I was thniking about… about…-
- About who?-
- About my father. He really miss me.-
- Oh… Ok. Sorry Ryan. When I come here first night… I was in love.-
- Ok. Well Isabel, somehow I am tired now. I should go sleep.-
- Yea me too. Let's go.- says Isabel and them two went back to village. When they should separate Ryan was stopped. He call Isabel and she returned. He was looking into her eyes. She feel nervous. And after some time of peaceful silence they kissed each other. After that Ryan left her and go to sleep. Tomorrow in the morning Ryan was so much great with fencing. He beat Lea 5-0.
- Wow! You are great Ryan! I never see you fight like that. You finally get over with Isabel.-
- No. We are together now!-
- What?!-
- You heard me!-
- You know that womans are destroying the mind of warriors!! You can't get married or have a woman that you will love!!-
- I can't! I finally fell in love and the feeling is great! I won't throw it away!-
- You have to!!! Any woman can be pretty! And then you won't kill her!! That's what all the man do! Dieing for womans they don't even know!- Then his sister sit and started to cry. Ryan come to her and whisper something.
- I can't… I'm sorry Lea.- When he said that he left her alone. The days, months and years were passing… Ryan and Lea stop with haveing fight about womans and focused on fencing. After hard years of great training on the small meadow Ryan and his sister Lea reached a very great skill, speed and strenght. Ryan was in love, in Isabel, and she was in love too(in Ryan). After some time Ryan and Isabel married. Lea was very angry. Soon the whole kingdom of Litia were attacked by evil army from the east. King Draco was attacking the city of kings on the west side of the river Eboyne. He failed to capture the city of kings, but his army was marching in the kingdom of Litia from the evil south across the river Eboyne. Draco's army started to burning villages and small towns. Takeing prisoners, and torture mans and wifes. King Legolas couldn't do anything… He was fighting with his army and catapults at the city of kings, but his kingdom was in terror and sorrow. Some places stayed untouched… The places on the far west, near the sea. Ryan's village stayed untouched and some other places. They didn't know anything about terror on the east. Soon one injured soldier come in Rynas village from the east. His name was Kronus. Kronus tell the story about great evil and war on the east to the people in village. Everyone was shocked. Ryan, Lea and Isabel started to packing. They wanted to go to the city of kings tomorrow. Kronus started to feel better and he wanted to go with them 3 too. Next day come… Morning was wet and fresh. Ryan, Lea, Isabel and Kronus were ready to go. They leave the village in secret… 4 Friends were moving fast. They come to the Dark_Forest. The whole desert of dead and dense trees with no end.
- Here is good place to have peaceful night. Here we will sleep!- Kronus says.
- What!? Look at this place! This is good place to have sleep!?- Isabel yells.
- Beleve me… I am good soldier! Nobody comes on this place of doom. We are alone here with trees. And trees are not alive…-
- Kronus are you sure that Draco's army didn't followed you?- Ryan asks.
- I'm not sure Ryan. But this is the best place to have a little rest. You guys go to sleep… I will guard in the dark.- Kronus answers.
- All right… You guard the camp.- Ryan says and started to preparing the tents.
The night come fast. Whole that Dark_Forest was quiet. You could hear only the sharp wind and ravens on the black sky with big red moon and no stars.
- The moon is red… something terrible happend this night.- Kronus whispers on the one hill.
Soon the silence disappeared and Kronus heard somebody. He climbed on one black tree. He saw a lot of warriors in black uniforms with big sabers and flares. He started to runing and soon he arrived to their camp.
- Ryan wake up!! Lea, Isabel!!! Come on, hurry!! Black warriors are coming!!- Kronus yells.
- We cannot avoid them?!- Ryan asks.
- No! They are everywhere!! There is so many of them!!-
- Oh come down Kronus! At least you will die fighting with friends!- Lea yells.
Kronus finally be quiet. Kronus pulled out his bow, Lea dragged out 2 knifes, Ryan pulled his sword, and Isabel dragged out small magic mace. Black warriors were crossing the hill and soon they were in front of 4 friends. Ryan, Lea, Kronus and Isabel started fighting. Ryan was breaking heavy shields with sword, Isabel was backup to Ryan breaking shields too with magic, Lea was so fast that she killed all the soldiers that stayed without shield and Kronus was hitting some warriors far on the hill with sharp arrows. They 4 were great team, but there was a lot of warriors and they started to getting tired. They started to takeing small wounds and sctraches. Kronus got 1 arrow in his shoulder. 4 friends started to retreat. And then… when ther was no hope for surviving… Then arrived 300 men with brown and black horses. They started to crushing and killing the black warriors. One of them stepped out of the horse and started to killing a lot of warriors with 2 swords. Soon the battle finished. The best fighter of 300 men came to Kronus.
- Is he okay?- asks unknown soldier.
- I think I will be fine! Aaahh!!!- Kronus yells when he puled out arrow from his shoulder.
- Thanks for your help… Who are you?- Ryan asks.
- I am Spyro… commander of the west army from city Hawk. You sure heard for me.-
- No we didn't… Who are you? Big boss?- Lea started to evoke.
- No my lady. Only commander. One peasant from unknown village came to our city Hawk and reported that they send 4 heroes to save the city of kings from king Draco. He said that whole the east side of kingdom Litia is captured by Draco's black army.- Kronus explain.
- Well… Thanks for your help. Very kind of you.- Lea says and go up the hill.
- Forgive her Spyro. She is a little rough with the men.- Ryan says.
- It's ok… I know with the womans like her.- Spyro answers and them 2 started to laugh. Lea was watching from the hill far in the deep black forest. The new day come, and the sun started to get out.
- Look at the sunrise… It's beutiful.- says Isabel while she ws walking with Ryan, Lea, Kronus and Spyro…
The rest of Spyro's army was behind them. And so… The 5 heroes go to the far east. When they get out of the dark forest, they began to moving by secret paths through the kingdom of Litia. Soon they arrived near the city of kings. It passed 3 days since the battle in the Dark_Forest. They decided to go and sleep on the small meadow near the city of kings. In the morning they shuld capture the city of kings and banish the king Draco and his black army over the river Eboyne. That night Ryan and Isabel talked in their tent.
- Ryan. Will you tell me… h-how your father died?- Isabel asks.
- He… he was trying to save one woman. She was detained in one house. He tryed to save her, but then a lot of black warriors came and kill him. It happend in one city, near the river Eboyne. What he was thinking about?! He didn't even know her!-
- Come down Ryan! Come down… Everything is all right.-
- What if I do the same mistake as my father?-
- Men have instinct to protect womans… It's in every man, every warrior, every monster… even and animals got that instintc. You cannno't change it. It's in your mind… does not matter if you're a great warrior, or an ordinary villager.- Isabel explain.
After their little talk they all go to sleep… Tomorrow in the morning Spyro come into Lea's tent. He wake her up gently. She smiled to him, but she said nothing. Kronus and Spyro started to blow with horns to wake up whole the army. Soon they was ready for attack on the city of kings… 5 Heroes with army of 300 men with horses came in front of the city of kings. The catapults started to shoot the big fire balls. Horses started to run directly on the city. The gate of the city was big and from the hard wood. Isabel do one magic and one fire ball from catapult turned in the air and smashed the gate. After that Isabel lost consciousness, but she was on the 1 horse with Ryan. Spyro's army get into the city and then the real battle started. Kronus stepped out of the horse and started to hiting black warriors with his bow and arrows.
- Kronus what are you doing!?- Spyro yells.
- You 4 go!!! Your army need help out there Spyro!! I will manage myself!!- Kronus yells.
4 heroes listen to him and leave him. They go to the castle... Isabel started to feel better and she woke up. When they enter in main chamber black warriors attacked them… Spyro and Ryan were pushing and slaying them, while Lea and Isabel were colse to each other and killing one by one. Soon the king Draco appeared.
- Well done! Well done!- Draco yells while he was claping.
- 5 heroes! But where is fifth? Nevermind! I heard for you! You killed a lot of my soldiers in the Dark_Forest. Do you know what happend that night? I killed king Legolas. But I don't want to kill you… You're too much skilled and good to be killed. Join me and be my dark knights! And we will rule over the world together!-
- You are a cruel king Draco!! You don't know nothing about justice and honor! Killing armless peasants and their wifes is so poor and stupid for a king with such power!!- Ryan yells.
- Speak careful boy! My patient have limits! Even for stupid warrior like you!-
- We are not interested in your offer!! Tke your power with you when you finish in the black grave!!-
- You will die for your nasty, dirty words!!!- Draco yells and jump on the Ryan with his black sword. Ryan set his sword horizontally and defend himself. Them 2 started fighting to death and Spyro, Lea or Isabel couldn't do anything because they were busy fighting with black warriors. After some time Ryan started to getting tired, but Draco had the same strength as at the beginning. Soon Draco broke out Ryan's sword from Ryan's hand. Ryan fall on the floor with bloody hand. Draco wanted to stab him, but then Isabel has collapse all the black warriors on her way and she jumped on king Draco. Dracop stab Isabel insteda Ryan. Then Draco started to laugh, but Spyro and Lea attacked him. Soon Kronus arrived in the chamber with Spyro's army and started to shooting black warriors. Ryan was looking some time at Isabel's dead body and then… his eyes became red. He stand up and collapse everyone on his path and then he push the Draco on the wall with his sword. Then he put his sword horizontally in front of Draco's neck.
- Hahahahaha!! Look at yourself boy! You became same as me!-
- Shut up!!! You're not worthy to reduce me!!!- Ryan yells and cuts Draco's neck.
Then Ryan took Draco's crown and put it on his head. Kronus, Spyro and Lea came to him.
- Brother! What…-
- Don't say anything Lea! Please take the control over the kingdom Litia! I will go across the river Eboyne in Dark Kingdom of king Draco! That's the only way for me to forget the Isabel!! If I stay here I will start to love some other woman! I must become evil king and killer to stop feeling love!!-
- But I never said that you can't love someone!- Lea yells.
- It doesn't matter now!! It will be peace between our 2 kingdoms!! I will stay in my Dark Kingdom with my black army… From there, I can't hurt anyone. God be with you all…- Ryan says.
After that Ryan pulled his new dark sword and then he dissapeared together with his black army. Years were passing… Lea and Spyro got married. Spyro became a new king, and Kronus… He became very powerfull archer and white knight of Litia Kingdom. But Ryan… He could saw the ghost of Isabel every night in his dreams… They were talking… about life and death, happiness and sorrow… And every day, Ryan cried. His mind was cleared now… Ryan had a truly mind of warrior. Warrior who could love…
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kayz.. my entry..
topic is the summer...
i don't think i will win with this.. but who cares? :D
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should totally allow people to be all trolley on their birthday :D
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(07-04-2009, 04:14 PM)just_a_phil Wrote:  kayz.. my entry..
topic is the summer...
i don't think i will win with this.. but who cares? :D
Omg!!Such a great story... I almost cried at the end!! If I could vote for one story then this is the right one!( Phil you are good with describing feelings )
@Edit: I started to write again story Cursed Angels ;). Next chapter coming soon!
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okay.. 20th of july.. the end..
now begins voting :D
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should totally allow people to be all trolley on their birthday :D
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