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fav lf2 bg
i think the title of the thread contains nearly all informations u need to post here^^ just post the name of your fav bg and give us a reason why u've choose it.
btw. it doesnt has to be one of the original bg's

k..i'll start
my fav bg is The Great Wall cause in my opinion its an awesome piece of drawing so i often can't concentrate on fighting and get pwned by louisEX :D
[Image: 165.gif]
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Lion Forest.
Calm, green and of average size; the perfect background for me.
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wait, can it be custom or does it have to be one of the originals?
btw, its CUHK
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Quote:it doesnt has to be one of the original bg's

I go with lf2TimmE1. The great wall is the best
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its not too distracting and a lot of area to fight in
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i like brokeback cliff the most.
Just waiting for the audio tags to become a thing
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agree with JossuaDC, Lion Forest is still tha best
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