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Yinyin's Armor
I found a way to make a similar armor like julio's one:

the chara has a bdy at, let's say, y1000 in each frame and the normal bdy is deleted.
he creates a ball that will follow him like a stay-shield with state: 3006.
the ball has a bdy, but no itr.
in the broken-frames of the ball is an itr that will be at y1000 and make the chara fall and transform into his form without an armor.

->the armor can be broken with many hits


-when you play with him normally, he hasn't the armor-ball, so he can be hit

-Yinyin said that he didn't used any transform states

comments please

can you control the hp of that armor? the hits it will take to destroy it?

oh and i need to spawn the armor first aswell - julio starts without if you ever select him - so thats not a problem imo

edit: another problem would be that this armor can be killed at an instant with palm attacks and the like

Okay, so my method is actually in many ways similar to Bamboori's one.

A state 3000 ball that is stuck per itr/kind: 8 at your character.
It has a body that works just like the actual "bdy" of the character. If the body is hit by anything it will go to the hit/hitting/rebounding frames.

And now comes the part where you can set the "life"-points of the ball:

In the first frame of the hit/hitting/rebounding frames is a "hit_a" timer (including the "hit_d" thingy), which leads to the "breaking" frames. The next in the hit/hitting/rebounding leads back again to the normal flying/whatever-frames.

So now everytime the ball is hit, the timer runs, even though only for a short time. If the ball is hit often enough, the timer will be "over" and the armor(=ball) will break(=disappear).

I'll use this method in my mod for a pre-boss enemy. Well, or maybe not, duh :P

thats interesting - counting the amount of hits taken instead of the damage
that could be handy for other things aswell

Quote originally posted by Lauli:
If not, then just somehow make it that the ball has no bdy while the char jumps (shouldn't be too hard with itr/kind: 8, I guess)

yes - itr kind 8 only sets x and z coordinates - y stays the same

which creates another problem for the method you guys have - your chars will be invulnerable when they jump

tho if you use it for a boss in lfm - and i hope you do - you could just disable his jumping and focus on other special moves for him (its just a boss - not a character - i sacrificed some things for julio aswell)
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