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LF2.. way better
gash! im sorry to admit it guys.. i dont play games on the net 'n dont intend to..
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why not?
its free, and the game you are looking for
also, it is by the same creator of LF2, so its gotta be good.
just give it a go, unless you are implying your internet is crap.
here is a screenshot:
[Image: 01.png]
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thanks guys - I still wonder why guys think LFE is a version to download and they don't look on top of this site or the domain :p

for HF - agree to all others: give it a try, it's out since a month or so and will be updated often :D
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(08-20-2009, 03:08 AM)rottzy Wrote:  i want a game exactly similar to LF2, except with more characters (in dragon ball the guys were shouting like anything) is something like that out there? can somebody link me to something like that?? or can it be arranged..

there are 3 kinds of people:
the ones that wish things would happen,
the ones that make things happen, and
the ones that ask "what happen?"
it's a WIP, but just to make u waste a little more of ur time being amused.

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Maybe they mix LF Empire with LF Kingdom(it's somehow similar)... Or(as Razen said) they don't even come and look at the site to figure out that LFE is not a game:D
As regards the HF it knows to be difficult to play sometimes. When connection is weak you can't do special attacks because it's to slow. First newbies should learn to play LF2 well and all their mods. Then they are ready for HF. That's what I think... But I still like more LF2 than HF
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Of Course! Hero Fighter was developed by Martin Wong the creator of LF2!

And LFE is not a MOD its a name of the site! XD
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thanKs guys, maybe il' giv HF a try..
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I'd still say you should try out NTSD ('cuz I'm working on it^^) even if you don't know Naruto or have no interest in it, it's still really fun to play, the AI isn't done yet, so meh, against human players it's hard and you need skills to win... also NTSD has alot of rare features which I haven't seen on any other mod yet...
NTSD II will be even better and is more based on meele fighting than on spamming random special moves, but it hasn't been released and hasn't done much progress yet

To download the normal NTSD version just take a look into our(NTSD-Team's) forum^^

hell what, the screens I took are on HFE, yay^^
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NSTD? watevr.. il download it ;)
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(08-23-2009, 04:05 PM)rottzy Wrote:  NSTD?
hm? I though you've read the second post in your topic
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