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[ancient video tutorial] How to debug by Silva
Guys, we found the ultimate solution to your hexing problems...
means no more annoying and noobish posts that all are about the same sh*t and what not.. so prepare to be impressed and don't even dare to complain about quality.. this is more than 2 years old..

Click me

Credits go to:
- Silva for making this videos and the writeup..
- Bp for still having them on his harddisk
- and me for writing this post cause silva couldn't be bothered.. :D
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should totally allow people to be all trolley on their birthday :D
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now that is awesome. I'll actually post something useful when i've got time to go through all vids and try them (tomorrow maybe?) saw the first vid though.

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can you reupload?
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I'm starting to get sick of re-upping it each and every time. This is the last time. When it breaks this time, LFE is gone.

Debug thingy (~40MB)

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have you got a temperature? or have you been drinking too much?
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For security reasons, ill put those videos on youtube, please contact if there is any problem:
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They are all gone.

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Anyone still have this?

EDIT: Thankfully, a brave soul has stepped forward and provided their copy anonymously:!FIYAjJha!5f5TpwcDQ2yO3...6tvi7BYfos
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