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We can only dream
(09-28-2009, 06:40 PM)Azriel Wrote:  dreams remain dreams until someone awakes and turns them into reality


yah, and you should really do that, put all that stuff into HeroQuest!
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Quote:I wish somebody would make a virtual transporter that we can virtually digitalize ourselves to the 4rth dimension, hell yeah!!!
And it would be an empty space, for ur user profile, to log in with ur social security code
to verify ur existence to the world-wide network
you would be able to choose the character by will, but start at level 1 to begin with...
You will be able to play your character literally through the character's body
You will be able to see everyone in 4D animation, like no one has ever seen before!!!
You will enter into a noobish place where it's like a training center...
@ ur own free-will can open up tool options and settings, and add friends and chat like in real life
you pass at lvl 20, and ur character transposts itself to another relm, similiar to earth
where everything is high-tech, and on the other-side a ghetto place, never to return again...
You will live alone, and create your own house, there will be many tribes...
having to fight with each other, and each one of you have unique powers...
Good vs. Evil
your health will only show if your attacked by somebody
You can not get out of the game in the middle of a fight, or war...
if ur character is dead you return back to the log-in screen and start all over
idk what else to explain, i could go on but these are the main points...
i guess think of it as World of War Craft + LF2 + Real Life...


Damn, everyime I read something from HeroQuest I remember I have to finish Dave... it kinda bores me to sprite him now >.<
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@Apocalipsis: Kay meant to say to make LF3 like a 3D game and online and etc.

Also I though a similar idea of making LFO but more online unlike the original LFO, because Little Fighters Online (original) is just 3D Little Fighters.
I am back, not really.
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