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Weapon tutorial
I never really saw a dc weapon tut that gives info about weapons.Well at least not a full one.I tried&still trying to create one.

Weapon tutorial:

Well then.I'm sure there stuff to be fixed & I will take care of that.I will be glad to hear opinions/advices to improve the tut.If the tut order is too messy for some people I will rewrite the guide. Pay attention that this is only my dc knowledge about weapons & I might lack some info about weapons,so your are welcome to correct me.
Thanks given by: Alblaka , Hukko , The Hari
Wow, great tutorial ^^

Since i'm not really experienced in DC of weapons i won't be able to find any wrong information anyways XD
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i think the ai actually limits itself to the ids used by the original weapons and not 100-199
not sure tho
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Excellent tutorial! Only 1 mistake: "The ai(computer player) try to pickup weapons with id 100-199 & state: 1004/2004."
YinYin was right, the computer players also try to pick up other weapons like: weapon7 ice_sword which is id: 213
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wut? there's nothing about ID on the weapons uppicking ai stuff... it's all about the state only
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@TheNave; that's what I said. He said ai picks up only weapons with id 100-199.
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(10-16-2009, 09:37 PM)TheNave Wrote:  wut? there's nothing about ID on the weapons uppicking ai stuff... it's all about the state only

try changing the id of normal weapons to something never used by the game - the ai will not try to pick it up anymore
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He's right.
AI will only react to weapons that have a corresponding broken_weapon.
Not really actually, but the AI only will pick up the original weapons of LF2, not the ones you add.

Except they stand directly above the weapons and punch...
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o rly?
*changing id of ice sword*


dammit, he was right :(
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Oh. I never knew that. I thought as long as it had the same type as a weapon it could pick it up.
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