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[game] falling stones - maybe also on lfe?

made a new game: you play as bandit and have to prevent the falling stone pwnage aka evade the falling stones.

left and right: move
esc: end game
f4: switch between screen modes
f9: screenie
f11: clear highscore

download >here<
download the new version >here<

play and have fun :P
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Yeah, for dodging games, they are so fun, hope people will say Yes like me.
I am back, not really.
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Cool game, I only last 39 seconds >.<

[Image: asdsd.gif]
lol Xd
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woops :P will correct that bug. will also try if its better to let the stones fall randomly time-wise, not all at the same time.
new version out! check out >here< or in the first post.
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yay, just one second faster then Drago! (I got 40)
at the twenty second mark, i doged it just in time.
man this game is fun!
But, maybye add easy, normal. and hard.
and if you get 1 muinite 30 seconds, you unlock insane mode.
oh, and add a menu.
then can you make a program file and a shortcut? i dont want to go download it every time i want to play it.


EDIT: new high score is 75!!!!!1!!!1
[Image: joshexsigcopy.png]

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you can save it on your harddrive, you know. (like everything you download)
menu: will add in next version
difficulties: the game gets more difficult in time (barely noticeable, but it does)

in the next version you will also be able to see the score again :P
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57 points, yay:D

Nice game.
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77 points :P

also gotta debug that sometimes the shadows of stones stay, though they are already destroyed.
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I beat you all.
85 points.
I am back, not really.
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erm, one time i was playing and at one point, it stoped falling rocks.
[Image: joshexsigcopy.png]

Thanks given by: Bamboori

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