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Mine's Arts
Hi guys i tried so hard to improve my photshop skills using tutorials in the net. Here are some of my best works out of me(i think so). have a look there are only few more will be updated.

Thx to the ppl who gave me tips in drawings.
Thanks given by: Hero destroyer
Seems pretty nice, liked the second one most
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though you should try to improve them with other techniques those are pretty good. may you wanna check out my thread and get some inspiration
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Hey guys thanks for commenting on my pics.
@hacker:Yep could i know the link.
More will be updated :)

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just search here in the art section ;)
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i have updated the art works. New name bar and a sig. Those who like the sig can use it up.
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The second one looks great!
Wish that I could do that :/
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Kezeal yes u can learn it here is the link u can learn more glow tuts:
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I just checked your works and its hard to believe that you are still a learner. Your pictures have some maturity in them. You as a starter are doing a very good work and keep continue doing the good work. I am also in the learning phase and I am quite impressed with your skills. Thanks for sharing your work here.
Thanks given by: MnM
Here is my another Sig made for my frnd Eddie: :)

SIGGY FOR MY FRND (Click to View)
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