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spriting weapons sheets tutorial
[Image: tutorialweapon.png]

i also for got to say, always use a base for your weapon, so you can get the character to hold it in the right place.

also, reference images do help heaps as well.

try not to put too much detail into the big sized version, because it just gets lost when resized.
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Good tut, helps out those that want to make weapons.
Good advice on getting game maker.
Nicely set and drawn out examples.
Well done Alec - keep up the good work.
One day, I shall become, TUTORIAL-MAN: Superhero of writing overly long, overly annoying tutorials which most people probably won't read, but will give it a stab at the first 5 lines!
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Hmm, some nice facts in, but one of the most important points (>shading) is "Use shading tool"...

I'm not completely sure, but wasn't Photoshop a program you have to pay for?
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nice work as always mate....ur a tut making pro ;)
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@Eddie thanks for the comment!

@alblaka: well, i didnt specify exactly which way to do it. (i didnt pay for photoshop) but you can use gimp to do it im pretty sure, plus it is easy to even do in paint. (btw, when did i say shading tool?) i used just a paint brush, with darker and lighter shades of the colour. i just didnt mention that because i though there are already a few tutorials on shading, and i didnt want to side track.
but thanks for pointing that out.

@prince_freeza: thanks man!
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Dude thats a nice way of showing it...
hmmm never tried the game maker though
also just rotate about 20 clockwise degrees every frame i think...
well spoken by the way
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nice tutrorial :P
but somehow i ever knew this.
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Good thing we have Alec, providing us with kewl tuts and stuff :D
Nicely done, but it's still newbie material..nothing really new :P
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(01-11-2010, 07:55 AM)Alectric Wrote:  also, reference images do help heaps as well.

That is pretty much the most important part. Use references if you do not intend to produce something totally unrealistic.

Great tutorial, Alectric, really well done! :)
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very good tut ^^
trying it out at the moment, but how to do a gradient overlay ?
sry for my bad english
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