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ball spriting tut
[Image: bgfsbdzx18qi2faah.png]
here is a better example:
[Image: bgfsd16n64sfjthax.bmp]

edit: updated pic urls. is crap :/
WOW, thanks bamboori
im thinking of making mikey ball just like this...which gets me thinking i rly need to finnish or people will start getting real mad at me... >_<
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hey good tut mate! the only thing that is bothering me is inside the ball. you can make some light blue lines like in firen ball or firzen cannon. so it looks like the ball is speeding. other than that good job man.
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Really great tut! Maybe I'm gonna try it (resprite Tania's ball :)).
+Pretty clear explanation
+Short and simple
+An animation!
-In the last image, the ball still looks a bit too sharp, make it blurrier.
8/10. Keep up your good work!
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