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Mafia to Citizen ratio: 13 : 37

- The Narrator

Re - Round 1 (sign-up)
go go go

Whenever a player has proven (either currently or in games before) he's a smart one (or just simply a veteran who isn't dumb or something) then he deserves a spot on the smart list.

I know it makes no diference but whenever a game gets out of control I'll have a game with only smart ones :)


Even more previous Mafia Rounds:
Round 1: Mafia victory (April 25th, 2009) (Player of the Round: Blue Phoenix)
Round 2: Mafia victory (May 10th, 2009) (Player of the Round: Reaper)
Round 3: Mafia victory (May 27th, 2009) (Player of the Round: Nave)
Round 4: Host victory (means aborted) (June 19th, 2009)
Round 5: Citizen victory (July 14th, 2009) (Player of the Round: Silva)
Round 6: Citizen victory (July 28th, 2009) (Dick of the Round: Silva)
Round 7: Citizen victory (August 6th, 2009) (Player of the Round: Alectric)
Round 8: Mafia victory (August 29th, 2009) (Do you notice how the amount of pages until each round ends gets less with every game?)
Round 9: Citizen victory (September 21st, 2009) (Player of the Round: Evil Sonidow)
Round 10: Citizen victory (October 20th, 2009)
Round 11: Aborted (November 4th, 2009) (Phil farewell!)

Previous Mafia Rounds:
Round 1 - Citizen victory (April 9th, 2010)
Round 2 - Apocalipsis victory (May 22nd, 2010)
Round 3 - Citizen victory (August 22nd, 2010)
Round 4 - Citizen victory (September 8th, 2010)
Round 5 - Game master victory (February 7th, 2011)
Round 6 - Citizen victory (May 20th, 2011)
Round 7 - currently played

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I'll sign up, I think. I do however believe I won't even try to be smart.
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I'm in too okay so yeah.
I am back, not really.
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Nice to see this again :D

I'm in.

TITLE: a idea
make cave for bear?
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I would like to join. You may not consider me "smart" though.
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Let's see if this time we've actually got a good game. Count me.
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im in!!!!
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i guess i could join...if elias joins i'll join :D
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when is this going to start? i am not sure if i can join if its in this week, but put me on the "possible-liste"
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should totally allow people to be all trolley on their birthday :D
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