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Bandit maker (release)
Made this out of the boredom
[Image: animation1qz.gif]

Basically, a bandit vending machine. Just hit it and wait till the small bandit head in the small screen is completed and you'll get a bandit.

Download link:

EDIT: Any mod please move this to the release section. Thank you.
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Hehe, that's neat. Would be pretty cool in stage mode when enemies hit it (with correct AI behaviour that is).

Although I'd leave a little more waiting time. Like 5 secs perhaps.
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Ramond's a NINJA.

Heheh, that's awesome!! :O

Out of curiousity, how does it make it's way to the feild?
Trust you're all well.
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@Ramond: Isn't that a little bit too long?

In game aspect: Well, just slowly appear in the field like you deactivated a cloaking device or something.

DCing aspect: I get a weapon to opoint it out.
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^ Not if it's used in stage mode as boss somewhere or something, while there are other people also.

@Magna: Where am I a ninja? You posted your post, included me being ninja, but haven't edited yours. So you have known before already that my post was there.
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when you press reply if there are new posts they show if you scroll the screen a bit

oh, forgot about the ontopic thing:

isn't it supposed to give armor parts information to megaman X and Zero???
[Image: bilxvzqm0a6dmcc6c.png]
by firzenX's graphics shop

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woah, first i thought you ninja'd me by making a lf2 char maker :P
pretty nice piece of dc :)

just forgot to mention:
it would be awesome if you could let the bandits only have 10 hp, cause atm the char at the bandit creator practically wins.
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Oh ok No one, cool. :)

SparK's spot on Ramond, there was no replies in the thread, I clicked
reply, scrolled down to check some stuff, and LIKE A NINJA your post
was there. Ninja =P

10hp Bandits would be an awesome idea too. ^^
Trust you're all well.
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Awesome. Lf2 doesn't have nearly enough random stuff like this.

By the way, has Kagemitsu been released yet? A newcomer named Lightning_Shade wanted to know.
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I wonder if this could be used for survival mode instead...
each enemy popping out randomly each round ;) dude it's out of this world....great idea
people who are bored seem to have great idea's... :)
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