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Ragor's sprites
Here's all my sprites n' crap...

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You got some pretty interesting C&P-combinations there, I must say. I won't go much into detail; let's just say: try to smooth out transitions. Especially in the 4th picture, the head of the bandit/hunter-thing should be blended together better.

Only if you feel comfortable with making sprites, try yourself on faces. They're, if I may say so, a little over your skill level. You must be familiar with blending in order to create realistic faces. A good bit of it is pure practice, so if you want to become better, you gotta invest quite a few days/weeks/months (depending on your skill level) for becoming better.

Keep practicing and become better :)
Silverthorn / Blue Phoenix
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"Freeze, you're under vrest!" - Mark, probably.

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Thanks given by: Ragor
Wow... thx
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All your images got removed mate..

What happened? Re-upload them!
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(08-09-2009, 07:14 AM)Eddie Wrote:  All your images got removed mate..

What happened? Re-upload them!

EDWARD FEAR NO MORE! I moved them back to the original album
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Good man, I can now enjoy the leetness of your picz0rz.

i love the face though, it's damned good for a first attempt.

I'll assume by the build it's a woman!? otherwise we can call him - MR LANKY!

In all seriousness, i love the sprites - it brings me joy to look at them :D
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Yay Mr. Lanky!!!
Thanks given by: Eddie
Haha, we have a name !

- thanked for making me laugh, i've not laughed all day xD
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Well i think this one is your best so far:
[Image: warrior2.jpg]
Heres a tip... Download Gimp! (LOL IT RHYMES^^)

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@RtXaSBut I already have photo filtre!!! I'M NOT DOWNLOADING GIMP!

@Eddie, his name is Mr. Lanky, and I don't think he has a lady build...
[Image: stancepop.gif] LOL I made this char outta scrap (better than chase123's first scratch char). It was my first scratch char. Plus, It has a better popping stance. It's animated, too!
[Image: UnshadedTank.jpg]

I failed at making an L4D tank... CRITICIZE IT ALL YOU WANT!!!
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