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Contest #9: Writing challenge - Voting
So this contest is over as well. We have a lot of stories this time (10 int total) and i hope the voting will be as exciting as last time (grins at magnamancy :D)

the beginnings:
beginning 1 (Click to View)
beginning 2 (Click to View)

and the participants parts
DubbleD (Beginning 2) (Click to View)
Hacker (beginning 1) (Click to View)
Gad (beginning 2) (Click to View)
Elias (beginning 2) (Click to View)
Reaper (beginning 1) (Click to View)
Wiro (beginning 2) (Click to View)
Magnamancy (beginning 2) (Click to View)
Taniaetc (beginning 1) (Click to View)
[spoiler=Phil (beginning 2)]
… the pack of cigarettes his friend gave him. He took out one of the cigarettes and lit it. He usually does not smoke, in fact he hates smoking more than anything else in this world. After he exhaled a big amount of smoke, which then hid the dead bodies next to him, he started to think back.

His friend has always been faster than him, no matter how hard he trained his body and mind, he still could not beat him. But then irony of life and death had stroken again. In the end his slowness had saved him, if he just would have been one or two steps faster he would have died with his friend. He would not have to bear this pain of being all alone, losing everyone he cared about.

His hand was grabbing his dagger which was right at his belt. He would end it now, no more pain. The dagger tip pointed now to his throat. He closed his eyes and was ready to do his last action, when something came up in his mind. The last words of his friend were repeating themselves in his head. “Live on, you don’t need to seek revenge or death, I lived my life as I wanted it to, I have no regrets and so you shouldn’t have either.”

He opened his eyes and put the dagger back at his place. The need to fulfill the last wish of his friend was stronger than the need to run away from the pain. He straightened up his shoulders and was ready to face everything which was in his way. Behind him there was a tree cracking down.

Something was coming. He turned around just to look into the faces of a hungry wolf pack. He knew what they were up to. Hungry as they are this battlefield has to be like a dream for them. “This people have suffered enough” he thought to himself, drew his dagger and was running right into their direction.
forgetlatios (beginning 2) (Click to View)
and now vote like you have never done before!
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should totally allow people to be all trolley on their birthday :D
Thanks given by: Silverthorn
Hey Phil, are you Taniaetc?

Anyways. I shall vote for Magnamancy. Not because he's some kind of over-rated guy here, but because I liked his laying out thoughts.
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^ erm no?

oh and btw.. the vote is public so everyone sees when you are cheating =p
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should totally allow people to be all trolley on their birthday :D
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Phil Wrote:yea here's my updated entry with paragraphs...
Taniaetc (beginning 1) (Click to View)
Now tell me if I'm wrong.

Simoneon edited this post 05-03-2010 08:06 PM because:
lol i was lazy and copied taniatecs list :p ~ Phil
Pardon me then :)
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Btw, can somebody remove the bar stating "hours left til the end of time" or similar?

Silverthorn edited this post 05-03-2010 08:34 PM because:
bp is gone @msn and i think nobody else can do that. .maybe somin but i am not sure.. ~ Phil
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Oh look i got

0 votes :o

crap i've read magmamancys story >.<
way better than mine
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aw, it's all down to personal interpretation Hacker, tbh I thought yours
was pretty decent. :)

Of them all though, my votes went to DubbleD and Reaper, they both
just did really well imo.
Trust you're all well.
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Owww... I've got 0 vote... :(
I was waiting patiently @school for this and then I've got 0 vote?!
And btw others' are better than mine. It's crappy imo coz too boring plot...
:'( seriously I wanna be a good author but meh... maybe I'll get another chance.
edit: voted for reaper and magnamancy.
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^ lol i got 0 votes as well and last writing challenge i was 2nd place.. depends on gods will haha
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should totally allow people to be all trolley on their birthday :D
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lol, mine's there...it was kinda all of a joke >.< made in <5 mins and btw i voted for my own cause i'm too lazy to read all those
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